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An Analysis: Unification Movement Philippine Leadership and the Providence

Allan Cadano
December 22, 2009

As I joined Unification Movement Philippines during the leadership of its former national director Rev. John Dorosky in 1980, to his successor Mr. Yoshinobu Murotani in the mid 80's to 90's, to the designation of the first Continental Director of Asia or Continental Director, Rev. Byung Hwa Kim when the installation of national leader positions in all countries including the Philippines was done, to the recently designated Continental Director for Asia Rev. Yong and to the present, when the change of national leader from Michael G. Zablan to Yurin 'Jun' Basuil Jr., the Philippines is rolling in era in terms of providential prolongation of restoration just like in the biblical stories from Adam to Abel to Noah to Abraham to Moses and so on.

The changes of leaders this year, was more in the limelight. The Kim's were transferred from Asia to USA. And just after few months, they were changed by Rev. Moon for some reasons. They later wanted to go back to Asia. Continental Director Yong was installed in Asia. He was a former National Leader of Malaysia.

In the UPF, during the leadership of Dr. Hyun Jin Moon, Philippines has advanced in national rallies and peace initiatives for years and was chosen to host the GPF Convention last Dec 10-14 this year. Yet, less than a month prior to the convention, there was a change too in leadership from Dr. Hyun Jin Moon to his younger brother, Rev. Hyung Jin Moon. UPF Philippine chapter was in a so heavy pressure on what to do with the convention as the invitation to the participants and leadership was already disposed. There was no direction from the new leadership to push thru the convention but to stop it for some reasons.

Eventually, the former UPF President Hyun Jin Moon decided to continue the GPF Convention in Manila by using a different sponsoring group called GPF Foundation. He himself organized GPF Foundation having most of the core of his former UPF staff and associates in the foundation. he did not use the name UPF which originally organized and sponsored the GPF rallies worldwide under his leadership before. The convention pushed thru supported by the associates, former officials and staff and fellows called ambassadors for peace of UPF.

In one angle, the UPF National Coordinator in the person of Michael G. Zablan, also was so much pressured as he was also the concurrent national leader of Unification Movement-Philippines which is under the supervision of the Continental Director Asia Rev. Yong. And Continental Director of Asia has decided, after some talks with Rev. Moon not to support the GPF Convention led by Hyun Jin Moon. UPF has a new direction. Eventually, Mr. Zablan supported and joined Dr. Hyun Jin Moon in the convention.

After some moves by Continental Director Yong to let Mr. Zablan call him when he arrived in Manila a day before the convention, asked him to report to the Continental Director or call him, there was no communication and reporting between the two.

Moreover, as the Continental Director was conducting a year-end conference of all the Unification Movement Philippine leaders from national down to the region and local offices last December 8 to 15, it was a momentous time for the Continental Director to decide on the situation of the national leader position hold by Mr. Zablan. The Continental Director decided to call for an election of new national leader of the Unification Movement Philippines.

The election of Engr Yurin *Jun* Basuil Jr. after a consideration of his late nomination during the election day, made him the new National Leader of Unification Movement Philippines. His inauguration will be set after the Rev. Moon and the World Mission Department will confirm his election.

The movement and general members

As the leaders were having their year-end leadership conference in the International Training Center in Tanay, Rizal with the Continental Director, the general members of Unification Movement Philippines were flowing to go in and out of the Manila Hotel where the GPF Convention was held. Members like the students, the professionals, and the VIP's were so eager to meet their long missed known Hyun Jin Moon who has made a good charismatic bonding with them for the past three years.

Out-going Unification Movement Philippine National Leader and UPF-Phil National Coordinator Zablan, together with his wife, attended and served the international guests and the national and local dignitaries who joined the GPF convention. He has kept his stamina in managing them all in his capacity.

The new leadership, the outgoing leadership, the general membership were all stunned in the sudden changes. Some got pains, particularly those with the outgoing leader and his allies. There were unsolicited words for and against both sides. Yet, many advised the members to avoid mud-slinging. Those were signs of immaturity still among members.

Some leaders have given their comments about the possible reaction of Rev Moon regarding the success of the GPF Convention in Manila. But no one still knows it as Rev. Moon is conducting his UPF Tour in USA with the new designated UPF President Hyung Jin Moon, while Mr. Hyun Jin Moon was in Manila. The GPF Foundation under Mr. Hyun Jin Moon is taking its own life now embracing the results of Philippine GPF convention, while Unification Movement Philippines, an umbrella movement of various associations founded by Rev Sun Myung Moon is administered by the Continental Director Asia Rev. Yong and the newly elected National Leader Engr. Yurin Basuil Jr.

Both camps have to reconcile and unite in order not to divide the foundations made along the long way of the providence for restoration in the Philippines. The out-going and incoming National Leader's have to make a transition of power in order to make providential history flows smoothly to the next era.

The legacy of Mr. Zablan with the dignitaries should not just be shelved nor spared, but the new National Leader has to consider it in his new leadership. The exposures of Engr Basuil as the executive director of Unification Movement Philippines-Visayas may be or not be enough for him to immediately go to the position of national leader. Hence, the support of the former national leadership and staff is very important in this transformation stage. National reconciliation and unity should be initiated and done between both camps to the general membership and not just wait for a healing time. 

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