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Memo for GPF Japan Participants Nov 15

Allan Cadano
November 9, 2008

Dear GPF Japan FILIPINO Participants,

Thank you for your participation confirmation at the Global Peace Festival Japan on November 15, 2008 in Ajinomoto Stadium, Tokyo. We are very excited to see you at the event it is like another reunion. Please pass by at Booth #1 and wear purple so we can recognize you.

We are expecting 60,000 participants in the GPF event and so to avoid confusion and heartache we would like to inform every one of the basic rules of the event. We know that nobody is perfect and mistakes will surely happen, but we hope that through this memo mishaps will be lessened. Rules must be followed and nobody is excused since the security is contracted by the management of the venue not GPF so they would not know whether you are a Church leader, a VVIP or a President. Please be guided accordingly, if in doubt please contact

1. TICKET is required at the entrance. It doesn’t matter where you get your ticket but you MUST have a ticket to be able to enter the Global Peace Exhibition and Stadium. Last Nov. 2 (Sunday) all FJMGP coordinators and GPF FCRs and other Filipino Groups who requested tickets for their members and guests already received the tickets. Others got their tickets from their local churches.

If you need more tickets you can make reservation and claim it at the Global Peace Exhibition Entrance -- there is only one entrance (Precy in Purple shirt will be there).. 500 yen donation or more is accepted for each ticket and tickets for VVIPs are also available, please request with the name and position. For ticket payment please send to Postal Bank Account. If you will bring the money at the stadium please put in an envelope with your name and the number of tickets paid. For all other ticket concerns please contact or call Precy or Brian.

2.BOOTH RESTRICTIONS all booths at the Exhibition were required to pass an application form -- where details of items to sell and activity to do were written. Booth locations were assigned by lottery and FJMGP was able to draw booth #1. Since we would like to accommodate more Filipinos in the event, we shared our booth with two other Filipino groups. So 3 groups will be sharing booth #1. We wrote in our application that we will sell DVDs (500 yen) and Christmas Cards (500 yen) at the booth. WE thought that these items are not perishable and does not use much space would be best since all will be busy with their own guest and nobody will be focusing in the booth.. If you have DVD items or Christmas Card items you can place them in the booth and mind them (note: 15% of sales goes to the venue management).

Besides from the panel display, FJMGP planned to have tinkling, sungka (making and playing), and Philippine flag coloring as our main activities in the booth. Please bring plastic or carton egg tray for sungka making (as many as you can).

3. NO FOOD SELLING allowed in our booth we did not apply for it. Just received memo now that it is prohibited selling hand made food in the exhibition. The management is very strict about it. Most members in kanto area were told to bring their packed lunch. Inside the stadium are food stalls managed by the venue. Outside the stadium are restaurants and convenience store so there will be no food shortage. But to make sure you will not be caught in long lines, please bring your own packed lunch and snack. Members coming from nearby areas are encouraged to bring extra food to share to those traveling in 24 hour buses.

4. NO CAR PARKING at the stadium. They reserved the parking for the 200 buses coming nationwide. If you will come by car please park at a public coin park, since a lot of people are coming, nearby parking may not be available if you will come later. It is wise to commute by train. The venue is just 5 minutes walk from the nearest train station Tabitakyu (Keio Line). If you are coming by BUS and it is not connected with the church please contact the fjmgp secretariat for details, we must request for parking in the stadium.


1. The Filipino Color at the event is purple, FJMGP members please wear our uniform, others please wear something purple.

2. Please bring bottle caps as many as you can, 400 caps can buy 1 vaccine 500 caps can be exchanged for one ticket. Let’s break the Guinness World Record for the most number of collected caps in one event.

Thanks for reading, see you at the festival! 

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