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Rev. Chang Shik Yong arrives in Republic of the Philippines ,inaugurates CIG TV network; Continental Director Kim honored at AFP

Allan C. Cadano
May 28, 2008

Quezon City- Asia and Philippines is again blessed as an international region with Rev. Chung Shik Yong, as the new Asia Region President and Continental Director of FFWPU International who just arrived in the Philippines yesterday May 27, 2008 at UM Philippine headquarters.

He was appointed by True Father, Rev. Sun Myung Moon effective May 18, 2008 to his new post. He was the former Oceania Region President. Rev. Yong arrived with his Japanese wife. They have 3 children.

Eventually, the arrival day was the inauguration of the new CIG Asia TV network, a new development from the Technical Department of UM Philippines. The CIG Asia TV Network is under the over-all management of the appointed Engr Celestino "Joseph" Navalta. Under him in this new paradigm of technical advancement is Mr. Raju, Noli Alijandro, Mechor Castro, Vincent Tambauan and others from Technical Department.

As the new Continental Director arrived, the outgoing CD Rev. and Mrs. Christopher Kim were given a farewell banquet in the evening hosted by General Alfredo S. Cayton at the Armed Forces of the Philippines at the AFP Social Hall. All leaders of the various affiliate organizations of the federal Unification Movement-Philippines were also present including the UM Philippines National Leader Micahel G. Zablan and his wife, NM Rev. "Tito" Park, FFWPU Phil Pres. Jaime and Shirley Vergara, NSC Chairman Gen. Florencio Magsino, Gen. Bumanglag, USec. Josephine Dominguez, a secretary of Congressman Jose Devenecia who represented him; the Interreligous groups; Women's Federation for World Peace, former DepEd Regional Director Dr. Dina Mindo; the Pres. of IPL College Dr. Celso Talaba, WCARP Pres Aldrin Nituma and his colleagues, the Youth Federation for World Peace and all the FFWPU Philippines Executive Directors with their Regional Leaders who just concluded their Mid-year National Convention held in Tanay, Rizal.

After a momentous program of farewell and bidding of goodbyes, a dinner was served to everybody as thanksgiving to the out-going CD Rev. and Mrs. Christopher and Julia Kim who are bound to serve and do their missionary works as North America Region President. 

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