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New Continental Director Designated For Asia and Philippines

Allan C. Cadano
May 22, 2008

The Regional Presidents who serve as Continental Directors for the International Regions of the FFWPU International are newly changed by Rev. True Father Sun Myung Moon during the Hoon Dok Hae meeting in Korea last May 18, 2008. The announcement was made by the FFWPU Intl President Rev. Hyung Jin Moon based in the International Headquarters in Seoul, S. Korea on that day as well though a memorandum sent to all Regional Presidents, National Messiahs and National Leaders worldwide.

Rev. Chung Shik Yong who was the former Regional President of Oceania Region of FFWPU is now the new Regional President of Asia which covers the following nations: RP, Nepal, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Laos to name some.

Rev. Yong who is blessed to a Japanese wife is a member of the 6,000 Blessed Couples and was known by some Filipinos when he served as one of the international lecturers during a 21-day Int’l Workshop-seminar help in the Philippines some years ago. He also has served Malaysia before and was later called to serve as church leader in Seoul, S. Korea. After the church has reached a certain development, he was again called to become a Regional Director of Kangwondo Region in S. Korea which later bloomed with some great developments. His leadership and experiences were his foundation to be called by True Father and be designated to be a Regional President of Oceania after that.

The turn-over ceremony for the new Regional President for Asia is slated on May 26, 2008 at 8:00 o clock in the morning at FFWPU International Training Center, in Tanay, Rizal, Philippines during the Mid-year Convention of all UM Philippines and affiliates' full time members and staff. For further information on the affair pls contact UM Philippines HQ. (with reports from and FFWPU International Headquarters) Last Updated ) 

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