The Words of the Cadano Family

Nagano Blessed Community fellowships with Catholic Bishop and church

Allan C. Cadano
May 5, 2008

Nagano -- The natural splendid beauty of Suwa, Nagano with its lake, mountain resort and familial parks, as well as its spiritual foundation welcome a new dimension of fellowship between the Blessed Community in there and the Catholic Community through the able initiativeness and active integration of a Filipino brother with their United Filipino Organization (UFO) in Suwa City.

On May 4, 2008 Bro. Eddie Panuncia, the Vice President of UFO and his colleagues invited the Blessed Community to Suwa City. That includes Bro. Reuben Cruz representing the Tokyo Blessed Community, the whole family of Bro. Ronie and Sis. Yuku delos Santos (sub-area leader for Nagano), Mrs. Ella Ventura-Uchiyama who offered her car and transportation expenses) for the travel and yours truly from Nagano City; Mr. and Mrs. Amesi Faizal (African member blessed to Japanese sister) and family from Matsumoto City, Nagano; the friends and spiritual daughters of Bro. Eddie based in Suwa City namely Mia, Mika, Sally and Carmela who already have attended several DP seminars previously and who helped in preparing and serving the foods for the visitors in the pre-fellowship; and Master Takamitsu Hoshiko sensie who heads the Tong Il Moo Do Federation, Philippine-Japan with brothers Robert (who brought his blessed son), Jameson, Isaah and a non-UC member Filipina all from far Ibaraki and Tokyo who greatly offered two wonderful martial arts ballets including the ever-shining Eye-of-the-Tiger ballet which draws a magnificent audience applause and impact during the fellowship. Others could not help but stand to catch and see the power and art in the ballet.

Master Hoshiko briefly explained after their performances the significance of Tong Il Moo Do in its "subject and object of inner power" philosophy which was quoted by the guest speaker from the CBPC's Episcopal Commission for Migrant and Itinerant Workers Bishop Precioso Cantillas, SDB in his speech. Bishop Cantillas jived the importance of "inner power" of Tong Il Moo Do from the explanation of Master Hoshiko for people to keep and maintain their faith to God.

In the open forum, the bishop also mentioned that all members in the church are missionaries to help the community in the essence of "commune" although there are many challenging characteristics among Filipinos. He cited that in just even three Filipinos, there would be four "separate groups" to come out. To commune is one solution to it. And this is true! To commune is to unite solidly under one God and not to just point to the priest as the mere leader but to acknowledge the central person as the Lord Jesus represented by the central figure. It was essentially an explanation of the Foundation of Faith principle and was explained by the bishop-speaker to Filipinos during its special fellowship-gathering for "Espesyal na Araw ng mga Kalalakiham" parallel to the occasion of the Feast of "San Jose, and dakilang Mangagawa".

Bro. Reuben Cruz, Regional Leader from Kanto Region of Japan also shared his testimony on how a Filipino could make by himself with his faith to God in overcoming the challenges of professional skills competition as well as sports competition. A mere Filipino to compete with hundreds of international champions in any area has nothing to bet but his oneness with God through his prayers and feel the True Love Power to energize himself and focus in achieving a set goal, Bro. Reuben said.

After the fellowship with the Catholic community who surprisingly offered flowers to each male and guests present to honor them in the occasion, a short prayer-reflection was made by Nagano Blessed Community at Panuncia residence where thanksgiving prayer and offering of eog mansei cheers was done.

The Nagano Blessed Community acknowledged the great efforts of the Panuncia family in making the affair a success for the providence amidst the many limitations of being a migrant and having his own family and tribe to take care. It can also be recalled that Bro. Eddie and his wife was the first Filipino couple who have made the first successful witnessing and conducting of series of DP seminars in Nagano, Japan and sent three blessing candidates to Philippine church where one was successfully blessed in the Philippines to a Japanese sister.

To Panuncia family and the Nagano Blessed and Filipino communities, cheers!!!

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