The Words of the Cadano Family

An Appeal By Cebu Members To All Filipino Brothers And Sisters Throughout The World

Ace Cadano
February 26, 2008

Cebu-The phase-by-phase renovation of the first acquired church property in the Philippines which is our very old Cebu Center located in Urgello St., Cebu City is spearheaded by Cebu Center members. There were some ways of communication made among Cebu and Visayas members by volunteer members even those who are based in Japan campaigning for the renovation project.

As we know that HQ is also doing its Peace Embassy very soon, Cebu center cannot expect any support on this local project. Eventually, there were a few donors based in Japan who really give their utmost support. Some are not even direct members from Cebu but give their share of love for the repair of truly devastated old center.

It can be recalled that two years ago, Cebu center was flooded after few days of heavy rain and flash-floods. As of this time, the kitchen and restrooms as phase one of the renovation is done. Thanks to our donors and members who did the construction. Engr. Jun Basuil and Engr. Irma Balulot are supervising the project for proper implementation and professionality of the project.

For the second phase of the renovation project, the Brothers’ room, Sisters’ room and Convention Hall are targeted this year 2008. The budget estimate runs to P285,000.00 for this second phase.

Second Phase of the Project:

Brothers and Sisters Room: AMOUNT NEEDED:

Column = P 36,000.00 Ceiling = P 36,000.00

Lumber = P 32,000.00

Wall = P 56,000.00

Flooring = P 58,000.00

Electrical = P 17,000.00

Labor = P 45,000.00 Others = P 5,000.00 TOTAL: P 285,000.00

In this regard, we are extending this appeal to all concern brothers and sisters to share their heart and even moral support on this great project.

Cebu center was acquired thru national fundraising conditions in 1981 before. Our late "Lola" Clarita Dejan always topped and Allan "Jacob" Cadano second, in the two 40-day National Fundraising conditions set in order to purchase Cebu center that time under the leadership of Rev. John Doroski. Mrs. Murotani and Mrs. Doroski too did their fundraising works in Japan and USA respectively to help in acquiring Cebu Center. Now, let us share a little more even beyond our limitations for Cebu Center. Tulong-mula-sa-puso para sa Cebu Center!

Below is a list of donors who shared for the first phase of the Cebu center renovation project:

1. Teresa Reynes ¥ 100,000.00 (June 20 to Sept. 2007)

¥ 100,000.00

¥ 100,000.00

sub-TOTAL: ¥ 300,000.00

2. Liza Nacorda-Nakazaki ¥ 50,000.00

3. Edgar Nacorda ¥ 20,000.00

4. Wilma Nacorda-Condo ¥ 100,000.00

5. Ramil Flores $8

6. Visayas Fundraisers Php 100,000

For your donations, donors based in Japan, pls contact Wilma Nacorda-Kondo. For other donors, pls. contact Engr. Rolando Jun Basuil of Cebu Center.

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