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Filipino Communities in Korea attend DP Seminar series

Ace Cadano
February 14, 2008

S. Korea- A Filipino Bishop ordained by the Philipine Independent Church, Laby Bishop Weeny Cayme-Kim, initiated, with the blessing of a Korean UC Regional Church Director to organize a broader Filipino international community. The group is named UPIICEF or International Inter-cultural Educational Foundation for Philippine Communities in Ulsan.

The group is aimed to have a strong belief on the capacity of Filipinos and their loving hearts of the so called kababayan even though they are non-Unification Church members. It is seen as a new group of Filipinos and other international citizens to be acquainted with each other and express their commitment to a common goal centering on One God.

The series of seminars started in January though there were preliminary Christmas gatherings last December 2007. After that the January 2008 seminar on Principle of Heart lectures took place. The next February 3 seminar was the 2nd phase of their series lectures on the Principle of the Heart. They have finished the topic "The Destruction of God's Ideal and the Origin of Evil".

There were almost 50 participants however some of them just came for the first time. It was just a challenge for the lecturer to give the overview of chapter 1 lectures before they start with the new topic considering that they were in time constraint due to another activity in the later part of the day. The participants were all prepared to receive the Truth even those first who came. Bishop Kim hope to see them again for their final lecture and have prepared to do some proclamation messages.

Every Sunday's Ecumenical Fellowship, a crowd of 40 or more always come and join the group too. During their Ecumenical Service for Christmas they have more than 60 people and hope to increase their weekly attendees. This is an NGO with ecumenical-interfaith activities for spiritual development and service-oriented projects for society-consciousness. They want to make use of the newly organized group to be the reflection of the Lord Jesus and True Parents' teaching that is Love God by practicing a true Christian lifestyle of living for the sake of others

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