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Ace Cadano
December 28, 2007

The year 2007 is full of colors, fun, excitement, surprises, struggles too and challenges in the world. But for Philippines and the Providence, as if year 2007 should never end nor fade. 2007 is a crystal clear history in the Philippine Providence and the world where it belongs.

Almost all have heard the Global Peace Festival last December 9 to 13 in Manila. Last December 14, Rev. and Mrs. Christopher B.W. Kim reported in front of Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, the True Parents, about the recently conducted GPF. Elder and Dr. Hyun Jin Moon personally shared to the True Parents his experiences in the GPF Manila. Rev. Moon acknowledged it and signed several GPF posters as souvenirs of the victorious GPF on that day. That was just almost at the end of the year 2007.

Perhaps, 2007 is the year where Philippine leaders aside from their members had gone out to different mobilizations and campaigns not only on the GPF but starting from January of the year, as many events flowed. The UM Philippine National Leader Michael Zablan has toured the nation several times this year alone to offer orientation and seminar-workshops to many DepEd regional Directors, Superintendents and Supervisors too.

The special forgiveness ceremony by DMN and HJN made Tanay a very special venue to Filipinos. Others who could not make it have to rush to Chung Pyung, S. Korea for that special forgiveness ceremony.

Tanay Training Center made a fundraising campaign too for the construction of the training center. The special plate as token from the UM HQ and FFWPU was a bright one received by donors.

During the summer, leaders throughout the country went to Dagupan City and Pangasinan for an election campaign not to mention on the regular summer witnessing and educational campaign of the SHSP program of WCARP Philippines.

During the first semester, the True Love Power was initiated by Pres. Michael Zablan in Regions 1, 3, 4, NCR and other places like Iloilo and Davao cities. And during the time, the planning stage of the GPF was already seen as a big fish to catch.

Many Filipino 2nd generation children have to step in the elementary education too last June. And there were some fulltime members and leaders who were but so limited to finance the needs of their own children to go to school.

A colorful solution was formulated. Others were passive, a few were doubtful but some donors like three Bol-anons, one American-Filipina teacher now based in Korea, one Pinoy from Taiwan and one Pinoy based in Japan trusted and believed the scholarship program that made 5 second gen children of full-timers went to schooling.

The July Blessing was a colorful event of thousands of couples from the general membership the home members, the married members including the OFW's. Seminars, witnessing and blessing preparations are so exciting to many. There were a few who were depressed when they could not be matched too.

The ATF or Asian Task Force was also organized and a number of delegates from Philippine leaders and members were sent to USA. Ryan Ilustrisimo of Dagupan and Ulysis Dapon of Mt. Province were chosen to lead the dozens of Filipinos in the Asian teams.

ICEF as a Foundation was organized too in Asia by the Rev and Mrs. Kim, the continental directors of Asia II.

During the start of the 2nd semester, the GPF Mobilization was on its peak to tap the radio, TV programs, the U-Tube media, cyberspace, the tabloids, the trampoline on the malls' entrance doors, campuses and more in Metro Manila.

The PTARP and the DepEd and CHED were rocked in the mobilization. The NSTP was a great instrument in the campaign for peace. The entertainers and personalities and their support to the voluntary campaign was tremendous. Until last Dec 9 to 13 the GPF was in a success. Others described it as a product beyond man's capacity.

The foreign-based Filipinos and members in Asia, Korea, Japan, USA and others were also contacted to help in the ways-and-means of the GPF. It was pocket-breaking to many, belt-tightening to all. But the GPF have to go on!

The USA-based Filipino blessed community made their first national convention too this year. They made resolution to augment their structure as organization and commitment to help the Philippine providence as well.

The Philippine-initiated pioneering in Pune, India became successful that the missionary sent there is now fully-based and was recently blessed too to one of the first members in there. Kudos to Sis. Madelyn Montes.

In some local centers like Cebu Center, regional leaders initiated the repair of the physical building since it a property. Dagupan has a lot. They have their ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of their local center. Baguio has plans to acquire a property at a good location too.

Some new centers opened up this year like Marivelles center, Mt. Province center and Bacoor center in Cavite. Intramuros center in Manila and Tagudin-Ilocos Sur center were re-opened too. Several local leaders were also reshuffled and were given new missions.

Schools like UTS-Asia was modified and renamed as UPC or Universal Peace College based in Antipolo City. Sun Hwa International Academy is getting stable and self-existing so far. The New generation International School in Cavite is also fast growing as it now has its high school in its just second year of existence. They too now have their own website.

The Han-Fil (Korean-Filipino) Community based in South Korea had their election of officers too this year. They have a new president and set of officers this year.

The Family Times Online of the UM Philippines too was re-designed by our webmaster. It has now its video and download menu. Very soon, the Community Forum will open up for readers to share their comments to the posted news and related principled topics. The system of the website is more open now -- all registered members can post news articles. These developments although the website is still looking for their contributors-writers and staff, support and finances for its operational needs.

Perhaps, there are other stars twinkling if not gems that are sparkling but unmentioned in here. My apology! Kudos to those sparkling gems and twinkling stars!

All these to wrap-up ranges from great small pebbles to huge rocks that collectively helped each other in making the Philippine Providence reach the horizon of One Family under God! Aju!

As a team, we all are part in making the greater good for 2008!

Maligayang araw ng Maylikha at manigong bagong taon sa ating lahat!

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