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Dr. Julia Kim Thanks Peace Advocates

Ace Cadano
December 18, 2007

Manila - Dr. Julia Kim of the Universal Peace Federation-Asia stands as mother in welcoming all peace advocates and participants in the Global Peace Festival 2007 in Manila last December 11 to December 13, 2007. The colorful reception was more graced by the presence of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, particularly their band-orchestra who offers colors, live music and march in the traditional welcoming of diplomats and VIP's in the country.

During the wreath-laying ceremony last December 11, 2007, the band offers gala and march music, and at parade to the Quirino Grandstand, they provided prelude entertaining music to the arriving crowd. Together with the AFP band was the TUP band which also glamorously played alternate music to all.

Dr. Julia Kim troops the line and honors the colors at the parade to the Quirino Grandstand prior to the main event of the Global Peace Festival.

It is noted that several years ago, Dr. Julia Kim hosted and was giving CAUSA seminar-lectures to the ranks and officers of the AFP promoting peaceful way in winning the enemies.

During the GPF parade and main event last December 12, 2007, they once again yell for peace and join Dr. Hyun Jin Moon in declaring for "One Family under God".

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