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President Hyun Jin Moon Lays Wreath To World War Victims

Ace Cadano
December 18, 2007

Manila - Patriotism as love of the country is a positive norm as a patriot is motivated to uphold peace, unity, orderliness and development in the land and for the people. Heroes and peace loving people emanate this norm when they peacefully campaign for sovereignty, democratic leadership and independence of the Philippines and the whole world.

All these accounts are known by all Filipinos and the international community. Last December 11, 2007 Pres. Hyun Jin Moon of the Universal Peace Federation offered a wreath of flowers in the wreath-laying ceremony in front of unknown heroes' monument at the Libingan ng mga Bayani in Manila.

Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak offered a public prayer during the ceremony. This depicts UPF honoring peaceful historical accounts that promote God-centered values. Pres. Moon was accompanied by his wife, Dr. Martin Luther King III, ACLC leaders and the Asian UPF Leaders including Rev. and Mrs. Christopher B. W. and Julia Kim and Rev. Michael Zablan. The gala-uniformed band of the Armed Forces of the Philippines played beautiful music during the ceremony.

Peace advocates from various sectors youth, students, barangay leaders, educators, government and non-government leaders join the crowd as they offered white roses for the heroes and released hundreds of white balloons symbolizing their support to promote eternal peace and unity for Philippines and the whole world as One Family under God.

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