The Words of the Cadano Family

Filipino Blessed Community in Nagano Conducts Advance DP Seminar

Ace Cadano
May 1, 2007

Suwa, Nagano - After an Introductory DP Seminar and home-lectures to some OFW`s based in Nagano ken hosted by the Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Panuncia, another advance Divine Principle and Blessing Seminar-lectures were conducted in Okaya, Suwa, Nagano ken last April 29 and 30, 2007 held at the Suwa City Event Training Center in Suwa, Nagano ken.

All the former participants who attended the introductory seminar last April 7 were present and 2 more sisters joined the seminar. One Catholic Church leader working in Suwa also joined the seminar. She is a Filipina and was a PMC blessed couple but was never educated about DP and TP. She was just so fortunate and graced to have been included by her Japanese sister-in law (a member) to join the blessing in 1992. After the Seminar, she was teary to say "I think I know who is the Lord of the Second Coming now."

She did not clearly understand the Blessing event she joined in 1992, and the last January 2007 (Special 3-day Seminar) in Chung Pyung Training Center. She did not know Dae Mo Nim who spoke in there.

Mr. Ronie delos Santos together with Allan C. Cadano from Nagano shi traveled 2 and a half hours to Suwa City to embrace the mission to share God's Words to these group for the second time. Both the lecturers were not feeling well that time due to the spring season and climate adjustment.

Bro. Ronie re-introduced the topics to be discussed from Divine Principle including the major parts of it. He stressed his lectures the Mission of Jesus after the details of the Principles of Creation and the Fall of Man lectures were presented by Bro. Allan C. Cadano. Bro Eddie Panuncia acted as the seminar coordinator while his wife prepared the lunch with the "bring your own menu" from the participants.

In the afternoon the Principles of Restoration, The Dispensation for Restoration centering on the Families of Adam, Noah and Abraham, Isaac and Jacob's course were discussed and elaborated by Bro. Cadano.

The lectures culminated on the final chapter "The Second Coming".

All of the participants including four Filipina ladies who participated were touched on the presentation as on of the two said, it was her first time to hear such kind of lecture about life and realities.

Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Panuncia hosted and treated the participants and lecturers in their happy home with dinner after the seminar. He showed a video presentation about the UM Movement and the Founder Rev and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon to the remaining participants in the evening of the first day.

The four engineers and trainees who are all interested to know more about the Blessing attended the after-dinner lecture at the Panuncia home on the Significance of the Blessing, the preparation and conditions to separate from Satan were discussed until midnight.

The following morning, during a family Hoon Dok Hae at the Panuncia family, one participant joined in the Family HDH and fully offered his full bow to True Parents. After the HDH, he voluntarily made a confession and open his past life as he was desirous to be liberated fom his past history. He accepted a 40-day indemnity condition to separate himself from Satan and his purification to prepare his spiritual life for the Blessing. Some table talks and lectures by Bro. Cadano about the Chun Il Geuk era, the Ahn Shi Il, the Pledge service and basic traditions were discussed to the engineers who were around in the 2nd day.

As the seminar ended on the second day the participants hosted the lecturers and organizers to a lunch in a fast food center and in the afternoon they happily send the lecturer to the train station for his trip back to Nagano City. Mr. delos Santos went back to Nagano shi after the first day of the seminar.

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