The Words of the Cadano Family

Intellect, Emotion and Will Centering on Heart

Allan C. Cadano
March 11, 2007
FFWPU Philippines

Thank you for the opening prayer.

Peace, Shalom be with you all!

It is March now! Graduation in the Philippines is very near. In Korea, school year just opened up again and students are back to school. In Japan, it is graduation time for high schools but a week more for the elementary and kindergarten schools. Is America now back to school? I don't have any direct contact from US-based teachers this time. What I hear from there is the UN conference on Women's rights as published in the newspaper and shared by the faithful Joan of Philippines, Faith B. Batino who is there representing our Philippine Women's Federation for World Peace with Madame Eva de Leon. Wish you good luck in there.

As a teacher I used to look on the intellectual development of man. The education and academic thoughts of bringing cognitive and learning skills to the students are used to be assessed on how teachers can magnify their teaching strategy/ies to ensure that students could know, understand, compute, analyze, apply, evaluate and synthesize all their learning. These are wide avenues in the education fields from early childhood to university education of man. I remember the posting of Mr. Victor M. from Canada about the Teacher emphasizing the many workloads and responsibilities of a teacher.

But our topic this Sunday and for our spiritual consumption this time is not only on the intellectual learning of man. I like to go on to the sungsang or internal perimeters of man mentioned in the Divine Principle about the intellect, emotion, will and the center of which is the heart. These are elements in the invisible internal nature of man. The body is the visible external aspect or form.

The internal aspect of man called mind has these elements of intellect, emotion and will and the center is the heart.

Intelligent people could be attracted to the bright intellectual aspect of a case or issue a theory or inventions or scientific studies possessed. A teacher may easily correct the spelling of a composition, or correct for proper word use that one is making. Their focus is on the intellectual aspect.

Inventions and technology are kept with intellectual properties for their rights and may not have been done to benefit the consumption of the general end-users. Pirates may have other purpose maybe in obtaining it aside from intellectual motives.

There are emotional developments and cases too. Trauma is an emotional case. Sometimes, others call stress as emotional case. But if we check why a child is crying, you will usually notice that the cause is an altered-ego of one. There are several cases in the schools like in Japan where bullying caused several students to commit suicide. This calls now the attention of the government. But it basically point to the emotional aspect of the student's development. Intellectually, there is sociology that can address this in the field of education. But aside from the social norms that one should develop, the emotional aspect of man is a field to attend too as well. Emotional quotient is different from intellectual quotient of anybody.

I reflected yesterday about how my parents took care of me when I was still a baby; I have a twin brother. There was no diaper before. My parents could smell the agony of their twin baby boys from care -- giving to the manual laundry of our clothing and other needs. Maybe, these elements too have a significant contribution of the parent-child relationship compared to the relationship of those parents and children who use the diapers and washing machine this time. What do you think?

If I will scold my son, maybe I will tell him, "I sacrificed a lot to clean your pooh and wash your diapers when you were still a baby boy for several years and now that you grow up, you wont just respect me as your parent?" This is emotion and not love from a heart.

The will of man is usually seen in cases or stories where there are so much challenges and obstacles for him to survive. If one is willing to join a team, then his will is on addressing the challenge for the team to win. But on how far his will could contribute for the victory of the team depends on how this person has developed his will. There is a need to develop his resistance, focus, attendance, concentration, decision, commitment and other elements for man's will to grow.

There are people whose educational capability are also limited but their will to survive could triumph the challenges of life. Manny Pacquiao was just a mere elementary graduate when he became a world boxing champion. It was not the intellect that made him there. It could be his will to be boxing champion.

Most if not some re-electionists are using sensationalism and touch the emotion of the voters instead of using their intellectual prowess to become elected lawmakers of the land. This is the shift I have seen in many popular artists and sportsmen like Richard Gomez and Pacquiao's desire to run and be in the field of politics.

Intellect, emotion, will are inter-related and all have to be centered to the heart of a loving man.

If we read a posting or essay of one and just look on his grammar or spelling or word use, that is merely intellectuality and not connected to the heart. Aside from commenting on those mistakes, the essence of what one composed should also be looked and read and evaluated. Check the inner aspect of the work, the motive, the basis and give credit to content and purpose of the work. Or else, learning and sharing will become like a daily tournament-like on intellectual capacity in an organization. Norms and virtues will fall away.

If we meet and greet a person, it should not only be the hello or hi or ohayo or the Japan's "itsukare sama desu". The heart must be a part of that socialization. The cultural difference is there. But the smile, the pause, may be more internal than the cultural way like bowing or hand shake and the like. Heart may have its own language to express it. How many persons you crisscross everyday and greet them even if you don't know them? What is your intention of greeting them? A social project? Please count how many you greet daily. It may reflect how far or deep your heart is involved in your socialization with others.

The will of man to serve for the sake of others maybe seen immediately when one is in a religious or charitable institution like volunteers. But it is not the mere side of the will. There are recently published religious figures convicted on corruptions not only in America. There are also hidden motives on why they are there. Even among or some who joined the church were seen to have their door to marry their Korean or American partners with the motive of having a chance to get out from their domestic places and have the avenue of being in a foreign country.

There are volunteers whose will and intention is to be recognized in the frontline to be near with the gods. This is not will centering on the heart. It is not volunteering to serve but to be recognized by his leader or leaders.

Let me share this experience. Last month, as it was still winter, I noticed that my wife was shopping for bargains on winter clothes. I was happy that she bought some for me, after 2 winters of experiences in my life. I humbly gave the Japanese domo arigato to her, but hid my teary eyes after receiving it. My sons too have new stuff. Maybe, my wife was just getting the opportunity to have 75 to 80 % discount on the unsold winter clothes from the department stores since there was not much snow this winter season. That could be practical side of a mother to avail on discounts. But to think of her children to have something for their winter needs, is also a different thing.

My son was not so interested or excited in receiving the clothes. Maybe, he knew that winter was about to exit. But the kid may have valued them more if he had experienced having no winter clothing, ever in his life. Since the boy had no winter experiences in the Philippines, his heart was far away from the value of those clothes. That gives us one picture where intellect, emotion and will can be seen and the center should be the heart.

In the Unification Thought, the theories of education usually have two aspects. One is concerned with the ideals, goals, methods, and so on, of education, and corresponds to what is called the philosophy of education. It is here that the VMG or Vision, Mission and Goal statements are often checked mostly by evaluators from Accrediting Teams on the various schools, colleges and universities now.

The other deals with education as an objective, observable phenomenon, and is called the science of education. The science of education inquires into school curricula, student evaluation and testing, learning techniques, student counseling, school administration, educational management, and so forth. These are academically and painstakingly challenging for school management. Educators know these by heart.

These two fields are in the relationship of Sungsang (Internal Character) and Hyungsang (External Form). The philosophy of education is the Sungsang of education, whereas the science of education is the Hyungsang of education.

While the science of education has made great advances under the modern tendency to think highly of science, the philosophy of education is being neglected and is steadily declining. The fact that education today has lost its direction implies the absence of a philosophy of education. Therefore, what is urgently needed today is the establishment of a new philosophy of education. Therefore, to fill the need for a new philosophy of education, the Unification Theory of Education is hereby proposed.

Connecting these ideals on education, in the family, the parents should see to it that the philosophy of family-hood is causal thought of bringing up a good family.

The science of parenting is an implementation and effect. We used to give more time and training to that. We need to bring up our children as good citizens, and this should be connected to the vision of the Creator and contribute on the fulfillment of this Truth and Ideal.

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