The Words of the Cadano Family

Special Workshop in Chung Pyung and God's Day 2007 Celebration

Allan and Chiemi Cadano
January 5, 2007

My wife and I left Nagano for Seoul, South Korea last December 28, 2006 at 5:30 in the morning. The five kids were taken a day beforehand by their grandmother to relatively take care of them. Around 8:30 in the evening, we arrived and tried to register for the special workshop but we were advised to have it the following day at 8 in the morning.

But on our check-in time at Narita airport we were met by a Filipina sister who was also on her way to Seoul to attend the special workshop for blessed families. Sister Tessie Reynes from Cebu was our first fellowship. It was followed in Chung Pyung by sister Ludy Canaria, brother Roy Carumba and Kuya Ernie Nuylan who just finished attending the series of special workshops. It was my first re-fellowship with Kuya Ernie after 16 years. His family and his son who is now 16 years old was with him. Sharing and testimonies became a prelude of that workshop.

On our first attempt to register for the workshop, we noticed a Japanese missionary from Occeania registering. He was Mr. Yoshinobu Murotani, my first center leader in Davao when I joined in 1980. We had a wonderful morning of sharing while registering. He was called and requested by Rev Kwak to pioneer Occeania. He now has two members in his center, he said. My wife and Mr. Murotani san had more pleasantries on the first day while registration was going on.

To me, one exciting thing was on the first ansu or holy song session, when a brother was starting to tap my back and hug me. It was Bro. Randy Ame from HQ who also is attending the 40-day Intl workshop in Chung Pyung. Their Holy song session and ours were merged at the Main Hall of the Heavenly Palace. That started more pleasantries too about HQ and the UPF assemblies that they had last December in Philippines. Ryan Ilustrisimo was his buddy in Marilao UPF mobilization with Ruben Vergara, the leader of Marilao Center.

On the later part of the first day, I met Vangie Ventura with her 3 kids, Bro Mayo with his entire family, Mr. and Mrs. Boy Dumago who have lots of time since Dec 28 but joined the next batch of the special workshop. My most awaited co-participant arrived in the evening of the first day. The family of Mario Deveilleres, my former college classmate with the late bro. Zinc Bacalares. I could not excuse my tears but hug my old friend whom I have not met since the 1992 blessing. We shared a lot about Zinc whose family is left in Cavite after Zinc went to the spirit world. Mario has 2 big boys and 1 big daughter based in Japan. The family too of Bro Ruben Rongasan, Bro Eddie (?) and Bro Reggie Fabro who now has 4 kids amidst his being "soft-hearted man" were also there. Regie was happy and proud of his family. His wife is also an energetic and of happy personality.

In the lectures, the lectures about the time-table up to 2012 is just good to understand the flow of many events worldwide. There is a calendar to meet the goals of total liberation of humanity and the world centering on the True Parents and King and Queen of Peace. The lecture of Dae Mo Nim focused on the renewal of conjugal relationship, the proper attitude of the husband against smoking, alcohol, drugs and pornography including the proper way of handling public money.

Rev. Kwak's message was very heartily delivered as a parent. He emphasized the proper way of handling the vows of blessing between husband and wife, the way on how to deal on family issues and come with solutions. Moreover, he pointed on the parents' role to bring up their children. The many problems of the second generation are rooted on the family atmosphere and relationships between and among the members of the family. Nobody disagree on it, but reflect on where we are as we listened to the sermon of the Rev Kwak.

We received the holy wine given to us as blessed families to have a new start in this Chun Il Guk era.

After our batch of the special seminar, we got a chance to celebrate God's Day 2007. The midnight prayer which was held at the Original Palace was hooked at the Main Hall. The 7:00 am Pledge and HDH service was too touching, more when TF shared the first meal to True Mother, and the True Children starting from Hyo Jin Nim, to Hyun Jin Nim and to the youngest down to the grandchildren. He also shared some to representatives of the 2nd generation. The son of Hyun Jin Nim who joined True Mother in the UPF world speaking tour was also noticeable. True Father recognized the boy's nature close to his. Rev. Kwak and his wife's prayer was also deep calling the liberation of the True Parents from the cosmic responsibilities.

After True Father's speech, a random fellowship started when TF requested Rev Kim to sing but not the Jesus' Prayer song. European leader, and others also sing and dance and later Mrs. Kang who was blessed to St Augustin e was called by True Father to share her testimony in pioneering Taegu Church.

In the afternoon an entertainment program was held at the Main Hall of the Heavenly Palace where True Parents and Family came and watched it. It was also my time to meet Bros. Michael Zablan, Celso Talaba and Joesph Navalta who also joined the celebration at the Original Palace. While being together, Sis August from Iloilo who is now based in Korea was so happy to meet us and so motherly to give some novelties and winter clothes like gloves and others things. Her 2 kids are studious to even bring their homework to Chung Pyung to do in their free time.

The entertainment was culturally prepared and the stage play was fit enough for family values and renewal of commitment in the era of CIG. True Parents silently applauded all the performances with the True Children on their sides and back. We noticed Rev. and Mrs. Kwak together with Archbishop and Mrs. Milingo joining us all in the celebration.

Indeed, it was a happy and memorable celebration. An added supplement was my chance to meet and talk to Archbishop Milingo about his vision and plan in the future. He said that there is no way for them to excommunicate all of them. He will continue his mission with the married priests and ordain the capable ones to become bishops. He also mentioned his plan to visit Philippines as he knew there are so many married priests in there. When I asked him when will it be, he smilingly said, "probably this January". And he said Philippines is blessed to have the Catholic background but have to be freed from the old celibacy of priests. He believed on the ideals of a blessed family to contribute for world peace in general. He and his wife represented the Judeo-Christianity during the morning God's Day Pledge and offered their full bow to True Parents.

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