The Words of the Bulow Family

Testimony to Small Prayer Groups


I can honestly say that my life has drastically been changed for the better through the power of small prayer groups.

This is a prayer I wrote and I want to share this with you as a testimony to the power of small prayer groups.

Dear Heavenly Father, I have been so inspired by our small prayer group. I have received so much joy, energy, and purpose in my life focused around this small group. I know this is the way for continual spiritual inspiration and support that I have been so in need of. Every night I leave spiritually refreshed. Please lead others to experience the same depth of heart that we have been able to create.

Although we all have different issues and struggles in our life (amazingly different!) we can openly share these things. In our group we have all grown to feel so close. There is no judgment here, there is no prejudice, or discrimination. I pray every day for the fulfillment of my members prayers and extend that to their family, society, and the universe. Our environment is safe and confidential. God, you are within each of us. Please continue to feel welcome and reveal your intimate heart to each of us here. As individuals, we experience you everyday. As we join together, we reveal our experiences to one another. We give You credit for the blessings and amazing "coincidences" that happen in our life. We all have something unique to offer.

When I come to the group I am so happy. Our prayer group has become something that I look forward to every week. I can see your beauty in each person here. Father we are so important. We are! Give us the hope to peel away the sins, pain, and hurt each of us have. We trust you, HF. Let me and everyone I know be a testament to your incredible love.

Thank You Father for these friendships that you have provided.

My prayer life has become so much more involved and I am continually grateful for the little things that happen in my life. I am constantly thinking of GOD and my brothers and sisters. A month ago I never thought prayer could be so natural. Prayer has become a melody in my mind just like a catchy tune that replays in my head. Let this continue in my life and in others. Sometimes I feel bad because I find myself even praying for the groups MORE than for my own family. I am glad to feel like they are my family when we are together in that small room. I always pray for the presence of God to pour through us and let us become true embodiments of his love. He does and our prayers are answered.

How do I explain all of the blessing that God has given me? He has given me the excitement to pray and read HDH on a Monday and Thursday night with first and second generation. It is so simple! All we do is sing a few songs, read a tiny bit of HDH, share, and pray? How can this be so powerful in my life? I have found that we just need to trust GOD and he'll take care of the rest. Our father lets us be in absolute peace when we trust and let go of our concepts.

Father, please let these groups quickly break out throughout the nation. This has been our True Parents dream for decades. This is why God created the family as the school of love. I thank you so much for Mrs. Selle who has been sacrificing for so long. She has been a consistent soldier who is totally aligned with Father's desires of the establishment of a Chun Il Guk nation. This is the way. Please, guide and protect your daughter. Keep her safe from all spiritual and physical dangers.

Our immediate family is the ultimate small group. This is an eternal group that will forever last as a foundation for spiritual growth. Our small prayer group is merely the model of the potential that true family united together under God is capable of. Everything I have gained is meant to be experienced as a child growing up in a family.

Let us each invest as much love into our real families as we do into our small groups. With this, I pray that everyone can experience a small prayer group as successful as ours. Everyone has the qualifications, experience, and power because they have been part of a family. Everyone is capable of starting their own small prayer of HDH style small group. It is so easy. All it takes is a few people who want to know God on a deeper level. I am sure that everyone wants this.


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