The Words of the Bulow Family

Testimony from the Wish Ceremony

Nancy Bulow
June 5-9, 2004
Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center

"To you, Fulfillment of wish papers may look like pieces of ordinary paper, but contained in these papers is the light of God. So when members write their wishes on the wish papers, this light contained in the paper establishes a connection directly to God… On the condition that the members have come here and written papers with faith, these papers can be submitted to God along with the light."
Dae Mo Nim, Jan. 15, 2005

When my son came home from STF with a knee injury last May and said he wanted to go to CPL for 40 days, I knew it was an opportunity from Heaven to spend time with him and my daughter and to fulfill my own 40 days condition as well. I read that DMN would be conducting the 5-day Wish Ceremony, so I was especially encouraged to go at that particular time. Off we went on what proved to be an unforgettable, and somewhat unpredictable, summer in Korea. My close neighbor and friend, H. W., had already booked her flight so we "by chance" were there together and the four of us were able to share and support one another.

DMN created a 5-day family workshop, encouraging all families to have meditation and reflection time together in the afternoon period. It was a special time to separate from everyday pressures and focus totally in a heavenly environment on what each member of the family needed in order to fulfill their own purpose in life. DMN spoke to us many times giving guidance and occasionally joining in the Holy Song sessions with her characteristic smile exuding love and grace. H. had the great fortune to be in the right place at the right time, having come down from the hospital where she was staying, to have DMN ansoo her. We were all thrilled for her, with just a tinge of envy.

The most striking thing I remember from DMN speeches was her enthusiasm and sense of victory after returning from 2 months in Japan, from March 30-May 2004, conducting the Wish Ceremonies in each of the16 regions. She said she went there to help the Mother Nation to fulfill its mission, which as we know is primarily witnessing and fundraising. These events catapulted the results so that the Japanese members could meet and even succeed their goals in both areas. She had many stories of miracles to inspire us. DMN said that those who brought people with them to share the grace that was being given, either their own family members or guests, often could receive the most blessing. Why is that? I understood that it is God's deepest heart to restore each and every soul both in the spiritual and physical world. The effort to restore another person, whether it be yourself, your spouse, your children, tribe, etc., requires the most jung sung. An offering of money is one of the ways to show sincerity and devotion. Prayer and reflections is another way and possibly the most difficult is the effort of your heart to give to another person through your service, love and truth. All of these further God's Kingdom. I know I am truly the happiest when I can share an aspect of God's truth and love with someone and see the transformation that takes place. Also, when I can restore money back to God's side to be used for Heaven's purpose, I feel liberated to create prosperity for myself and my family. So DMN's words and work touched a part of myself which had been dormant for quite a while. What was preventing me from creating prosperity and from witnessing? This is the point of reference and motivation that I had to begin my reflections on my life and to formulate my wishes. I had an overwhelming sense of gratitude through the understanding that what I wanted, MY wishes, were that same as God's wishes for me. My original mind was starting to take charge. Halleluha! After praying and pondering for 5 days, my wishes turned out to be very clear, one for each member of my family and one extra paper with multiple wishes for extended family and friends. I had $300 to offer, six wish papers in all. I faxed them to my husband and my other son at home and asked them to pray as well to be connected to this providence.

It all came down to love. What are the blocks in me that prevent me from loving myself and taking care of myself so that I can be the person I really want to be and the person God wants and needs me to be? What is preventing me from receiving God's love, forgiveness and grace? I prayed to be reborn through the Holy Spirit. Make me new, not just for myself, but for my family. I read that True Mother gave DMN the mission to be the sp. HS and to work with members so they could experience healing, cleansing and rebirth. Very soon after I prayed, this happened to me. One day I was in the front row and my sp. eyes were opened. DMN was standing off to the side of the stage and I saw a brilliant light surrounding her and a warm, embracing mother's love came into me. I cried during most of the Holy Song session, repenting and thanking God for His grace. So many things started unfolding in my relationship with my son and daughter after that and all the while I felt fireworks of joy going off inside my spirit. My wishes were coming true, and I hadn't even written them yet! On the last day, after the wishes were offered there was an awesome performance ending with a huge fireworks display, echoing precisely the thrill in my soul. This marked the end of an amazing prayer gathering of 14,000 people and showed me once and for all that the spirit world and physical world are one at CPL.

This was the beginning of our 40 days together, and I can truly say that it transformed all of our lives. Every single wish I had has not been fulfilled yet. After all, the problems that are manifested in my life took a 6,000 year history to create. Although DMN said that any problem can be solved and healing can occur in the matter of a second because God's power is that great, yet the conditions of faith and substance have to be made. That is up to us. She said that we have no idea how hard the angels and absolute good spirits are working to prevent illnesses in our bodies or to prevent certain incidents from happening. Be sure that their lives are lived totally for the sake of others. Often they can't address the wish that you have made quite yet. DMN told the story of a member who told her that nothing had happened after the Wish Ceremony and was wondering why. She told him that she saw the angels preventing a very bad car accident and to be patient and thankful and understand that no devotion or effort that is sincere and in line with God's providence will be lost or ignored. We just may not be able to perceive it here and now.

My family has decided to do a 30 day condition of 21 minutes of study and prayer each day focused on the Wish Ceremony and the CP providence. We have had many good discussions and my prayer is that we will be more prepared to receive what God wants to give our family. Also, we are doing fundraising to raise the money just for the wishes papers. I am doing a "cleaning condition" as well. Every day I do a small portion of the house with prayer. Until now I have not had the will to do this, but now I actually feel empowered by "something." Read this:

"For 210 generations, the lives of our ancestors have been filled with sin, evil and fallen nature. All their wrongs are residing within us now. We can compare that situation to a house, a body, or a cloth. It is a dirty house that our ancestors have lived in for 210 generations. Their bodies and clothes are so dirty…
What did our ancestors do with their dirty clothes? Did they burn them? No, all the dirty clothes of our ancestors remain with us…
But something is needed to clean them better, with some cleansing agent. Fulfillment of wishes paper acts as the cleansing agent. The Prayer-wish and Purification Ceremony helps to make an environment for the cleansing of our ancestors. It is like soaking the dirty laundry into a tub of hot water with detergent, making the cleaning process much better and quicker…"

I can already feel a cleaner and happier spiritual environment in our house and I am looking forward to a home where God's joy can sparkle and touch everyone who enters. Everyday life is not a piece of cake, but every now and then I can smell the cake in the oven cooking and scenting our house with the delicious warmth and love that only God's presence can provide.

God bless you and see you at the Special Prayer Wish Ceremony!

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