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Questions and Answers with Dr. Guerra this Sunday after the 2:00 pm Service -- No Int'l Service at 4:00 pm this Sunday

Michael Brazil
February 12, 2011

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Hopefully you received the text messages sent yesterday about the services this Sunday at Chung Bong Gung. There will be NO Intl Service at 4:00 pm. Instead, our International President, Hyung Jin Moon, has asked the international members to join the 2:00 pm Service. Yeon Ah Nim will speak briefly this Sunday and then the Holy Spirit Healing Service will be held. You are welcome to wear a white top/shirt.

After the 2:00 pm Service, Hyung Jin Nim encouraged the international members to meet with his International Secretary and Special Assistant, Dr. Anthony Guerra.

For those who have not met Dr. Guerra yet, he is a wonderful elder brother and long-time member. He earned his Ph.D. from Harvard, and has known Hyung Jin Nim since his youth. Dr. Guerra's wife has taken care of the True Children, and Hyung Jin Nim has spoken of her in some of his sermons.

You are invited to join Dr. Guerra, and MC, Julian Gray for an Open Question and Answer Session on Sunday. It will be held in the Large Lecture Room on the 2nd floor.

I am sorry I won't be able to be there this Sunday. I will be in the States for a couple weeks to change my visa.

Have a VIP weekend!


Michael Brazil 

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