The Words of the Brazil Family

Let us pray for peace in Brazil

Michael Brazil
June 5, 2010

Rev. In Jin Moon is now visiting a southern state in Brazil Called Parana, to bring peace there. Please pray for In Jin Nim and Hyun Jin Nim and all those involved with this peace making effort. Remember, only through gratitude we can bring peace.

Below is an excerpt from which states the definition of "true family" according to True Parents word.

Reading below excerpt points out to us that the physical and spiritual children of True Parents all have the same potential to become the "true family". So let us have the same compassion, as In Jin Nim has for our brother Hyun Jin Nim at this most difficult time in his life of faith and love him as we would love True Parents. Remember, "Loving someone is not the same as liking their actions", as Rev. Hyung Jin Moon stated, "let us differentiate the sinner from the sin."
Shahram Sedehi (Webmaster)

The founder of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU), Reverend Dr. Sun Myung Moon, has emphasized throughout his life that each family should become a true family. Below are a few selected excerpts of his teachings on this topic.

"The first great subject partner you are to become is a true parent. God created us as His children. We were to become true children by perfecting our individual character after going through an autonomous period of spiritual growth based on the principles God established. We were then to become true couples, have our own children and attain the position of true parents. In this way, we were to perfect ourselves by practicing and embodying the true love that God bestowed on us when He created us."

"In reality however, moral values in our world today are deteriorating rapidly. The moral laws governing the relationship between parents and children have been rejected. Fidelity between couples is being discarded as an old-fashioned idea of previous generations, and brotherly love between siblings has become rare and buried in the swamp of self-centered individualism. For these reasons, the most important thing to do is establish true families based on true love. This means we must build families in which three generations live together in true love with true parents at the center."
excerpted from The Three Great Subject Partners Principle from the Viewpoint of God's Providence, a speech given on July 4, 2007) 

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