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FFWPU Visayas conducts 21-day Lecturers' Training

Nova Bella Biloy
March 30, 2008

Cebu- From March 10 to 30, 2008 the 21-day FFWPU Visayas Lecturers' Training was organized in Cebu City and later at Bantayan Island, Cebu.

The first 11 days of training were held at the Culture of Heart Training Center, Cebu City and the remaining ten days were held in Bantayan Island, Cebu. There were six participants who started and finished the training. Each region of Visayas was represented, one from Western Visayas, one from Eastern Visayas and four from Central Visayas. This 21-day lecturersí training was organized and facilitated by Engr. Rolando Basuil Jr., Executive Director for Visayas and Dr. Randy Ame, IW of Visayas who were the main trainors and educators. The training includes not only lecturing sessions but also a lot of readings of the Divine Principle and the Cheon Seong Gyeong, and a little bit of physical training and outdoor adventure.

For 21 days, the participants experienced so many things for the first time. They go through so many overcomings especially the tightness of their training schedules. After every model lecture has been presented, they will make their own lecture outline and present it afterwards. Long readings also follow in-between of their sessions. In Bantayan Island, where they continued the training, the intense of the training takes place. They experienced giving lectures to nobody but to the plants, trees and to the sea. And the most challenging for them is doing house-to-house lectures near the area for four days.

At first they felt difficult but later on they enjoyed it and started to have more passion in giving lectures, especially when they feel the need of people who can give lectures, for most of the people they lectured were very innocent that others even don't know about Adam and Eve. This made the participants realized how important their training was. Each of them has their reflections and realizations of the training.

"I had regretted the times when I didnít respond and do my responsibilities", Judith Artugue, one of the participants, shared in tears. As the 21-day lecturersí training closed, the new journey and challenge to the participants also started. The training didnít stop in that 21 days, but for forty days they will be in their field training. This will be the time when they are tasked to do lectures in each of their places. This will be the time also when they have to practice what they have learned. And after 40 days, they will meet again for evaluation. This will determine if they are qualified to become lecturers in Visayas.

The training didnít focus only on becoming a good speaker but on how to become a true person. A true person who can transform and open the eternal life to the people by embodying the culture of heart, and living with their words. Through this, it is very possible that we can bring people back to Godís bosom. Hopefully, the 21-day lecturersí training can solve the problem on the lack of lecturer-educators in Visayas. A second batch training is now planned to be held most probably on May. Herewith are the names of the successful trainees-participants:1. Judith Artugue (Eastern Visayas)2. Maricel Centina (Western Visayas)3. Noel Espina (Central Visayas)4. Romelyn Navarro (Central Visayas)5. Renato Taburada (Central Visayas)6. Erlet Tampepe (Central Visayas)

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