The Words of the Barber Family

Heavens Blessing In Chicago On Memorial Day

Gloria Barber
May 28, 2007
Chicago, IL

As the Hargrove Family Choir began the prelude by singing "This is the Day the Lord Has Made!" it was apparent that True Mothers tour event in Chicago was going to be a most memorable experience! Guests of many races and faith traditions continued to fill the Chicago Hilton Grand Ballroom as Rev. Bruce Sutchar announced the beginning of the program. He congratulated every participant for taking time from their busy Memorial Day activities to gather together to celebrate "Americas Destiny; Realizing One Family under God".

Rev. David Rendel, Chicago District Director, further welcomed the audience and acknowledged the common desire of all people to live in a culture of peace. He read the spirit world testimony of Abraham Lincoln, Illinois favorite son and Americas sixteenth president, which expressed Lincolns experience of seeing a bright light surrounding Reverend Moon and his fervent desire that all people on earth awaken to the truth that the messiah brings. Reverend Rendel challenged the audience to respond to Gods call to them and be the ones to lead this nation in fulfilling Gods will.

When the heart and spirit generated through the prelude were at a peak, Rev. Sutchar introduced Rev. Michael Jenkins as the Master of Ceremonies, describing him as the returning "war hero" who had successfully accomplished thirty missions of peace to the Middle East. The audience was exuberant as they welcomed Reverend Jenkins to the stage.

Reverend Jenkins shared a warm greeting to his "hometown" and assembly of beloved associates. He called his close friend, Dr. Elizabeth Pierce, to deliver the Invocation. She prayed that God would find fertile soil in the hearts and minds of all those assembled so that they would receive the message and then sow the seeds of what they had received.

The main program was launched as Reverend Jenkins invited Jewish, Muslim and Christian representatives of the three Abrahamic faiths to take part in the Holy Burning Ceremony, asking God to forgive the past enmity between them and their own past mistakes. Three representative married couples were then invited to the stage to take part in the Holy Blessing Ceremony, drinking Holy Wine together with the audience to symbolically offer their marriages and families to God, and joining in Reverend Jenkins prayer for Gods blessings to the world through these sanctified families.

A special message from Dr. Yang explained the significance of the historic 50-state speaking tour being carried out by True Mother and her daughters-in-law. He expressed how God has worked since the Fall to restore humankind by creating families of true love through the Blessing. Gods way is sexual purity before marriage, fidelity within marriage and "living for the sake of others." True families are the foundation for world peace. "Please do not doubt the guiding hand of God" he proclaimed; "Our response to the message of this tour tonight will definitely affect our lives!"

Rev. Jenkins acknowledged the 150-plus women seated at center tables of the ballroom, gathered together as the "Welcome Committee" for True Mother. He honored them for their contributions to their homes, churches and communities and declared that they must take the lead to change and harmonize this world and to support and uplift their husbands and families to this end.

The audience was moved by the beautiful rendition of "Finlandia" performed by Mrs. ___ and the inspiring video presentation of True Parents work for world peace, showing the extensive global foundation of Ambassadors for Peace who have joined that effort.

Hyun Jin Nim confidently delivered the introduction to True Mothers keynote address. He spoke of flying over the Great Lakes and being reminded of the immense size of America and its people. He shared that the message his father brought to America was not just for this nation but for the entire world. "Im proud to say that we have a new generation that is inheriting Fathers mission", he said in reference to the three generations spreading Fathers message through the 50-state tour. He explained that True Mother has 13 children and 44 grandchildren, and he has learned through her that mothers truly make the peace in the home. "My mother is someone who not only talks the talk, she walks the walk. She is truly a great woman and she challenges all women to be the same." In conclusion, he asked everyone to offer a rousing applause as he welcomed True Mother to the stage.

True Mother delivered the "Pacific Rim Era" speech with great poise and conviction. She carefully spoke every word while constantly warming the room with her beautiful smile. Time and time again, the audience responded with heart-felt applause. She declared that the future of humanity is in our hands. "Transcending nations and oceans, the Pacific Rim region must fulfill its mission as the main vehicle for creating the culture of the oceanic sphere, which is the sphere of womens culture. Please take this to heart." She asked all to immerse themselves in the contents of the peace message and make them the guidelines for their lives.

True Mothers message concluded with a standing ovation. Hyun Jin Nim, Jeung Jin Nim (True Parents youngest daughter) and Jin Sung Nim (In Jin Nims husband) joined her on the stage, followed by a surprise visit from Shin Jun Nim (True Parents grandson) toting his little stuffed "Nemo"! Beautiful flower bouquets were presented to True Mother and Hyun Jin Nim, and a large trophy was presented to True Mother by representative women of the Welcome Committee, in honor of True Familys accomplishments for world peace. Reverend Jenkins led the audience in cheering "Congratulations!" as the True Family exited the stage.

To document their support for the 50-state tour by the womens Welcome Committee, a large Declaration for Peace was signed on stage by national and local representatives of the Womens Federation for World Peace and ACLC Women of Ministry. Framed certificates were then presented as appointments to new Ambassadors for Peace and Family Church of Peace Flags were presented to pastors from a diverse range of churches throughout the Chicago area.

As a final highlight in the program, Reverend Jenkins called Rev. Leroy Elliot and his wife Katie to the stage to offer their brief remarks. Rev. Elliot is a nationally renowned Baptist evangelist whose life has been transformed through his association with True Parents and our movement. He shared a profound testimony about the importance of true couples and true families and how True Parents teachings have taught him to fully love his wife. He asked the audience to stand together with him in shouting an exuberant "Thank you" to Father and Mother Moon for their dedication as the True Parents of humankind!

The program concluded with a benediction prayer from Rev. A. P. Randall and celebratory singing of "God Bless America" by the Hargrove Family Singers and the audience. Women formed a long line to sign the Declaration for Peace while old and new friends lingered and shared their excitement of the evenings events. Through the blessing of God and True Parents, May 28, 2007 in Chicago truly was a most memorable Memorial Day!

Partial Reflections of Participants

Rev. Dr. Willie Weston, Pastor, Hope Evangelistic Ministries International, Chicago, IL (ACLC Co-Convener)

"I offer my thanks to Father and Mother Moon for their continual devotion to the mission that God has called them to do. Mother Moons speech tonight, revealing God's plan for His dispensation and the direction humanity should take, is so timely and scriptural! It is encouraging to see the emergence of Mother Moon, accompanied by her second-generation through her son, in leading women of God for such a time as this. May they be forever blessed for their providential role in Heavens plan for humanity!"

Rev. Joseph McAffee, Pastor, Central United Community Church, Chicago, IL (ACLC Co-Convener)

"I was deeply impressed by Dr. Hyun Jin Moon, who was powerful, articulate and dynamic in his excellent introduction of Mother Moon. Mother Moon was also absolutely clear in her message and call to women to take a greater role in every sphere of Gods ministry. I feel challenged to live more seriously according to the principles being taught by Father and Mother Moon  in my church, the community and my home with my family."

Minister, Gospel Truth Missionary Baptist Church, Chicago, IL

"I am so grateful to have met Mother Moon through this event. I could feel that God is truly with her and I could feel that also being manifested in her son. I am so humbled by Reverend Moons life. As a righteous man, he has been terribly persecuted, but he still loves all people and can sit and share together with those who persecute him! He is truly ordained by God! Jesus is gone and we cannot see him in the flesh. Now I thank God for Father and Mother Moon who are here with us in the flesh! They are the hope of humankind!"

Annette Dixon, Evergreen Park, Illinois (traveled in Asia, Europe and Africa during 4th World Peace Tour)

"Rev. Moon and Mrs. Moon, our True Parents, have an everlasting love for human beings. They will continue to give true love with Gods help and love! I will continue to be a part of the Women of Peace and an Ambassador of Peace to everyone I meet."

Minister, Missionary Oakdale MB Church, Chicago, Illinois

"The most meaningful part of Mrs. Moons message was learning what we as people who love God must do for world peace. I am determined to go forward to do my part in trying to unite families and show love to everyone. I know that God is love. If I say that I love God and do not love my fellow man/woman, then I am lying and God is not pleased!"

Retired Bishop, Chicago, IL

"The program was excellent! True Mother was very impressive, but I was equally impressed by her son. This was the first time I met him. I was deeply inspired by the truth that we are one people under one God! This belief is the only way to true world peace! I was amazed by the number of different races, faiths and denominations gathered together in this place because they share this belief. It is time that we help God deliver this message to the rest of the world so people can wake up and give God a chance!"

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