The Words of the Bangsail Family

2000 Attend Baguio GPF Rally

Soledad Bangsail
November 18, 2008


It is with gratitude and joy that we inform everybody about the recently concluded GPF rally in Baguio City.

the activity has been planned several months back, and has in fact been postponed due to conflicting schedules. Further, there was lack of manpower and logistics.

We tried to contact or to connect with congressman Domogan, who required us to provide a project proposal before he could give his support. He wanted a clear cut picture of the program, like what did we really need? Were we asking for money to support the project, or participants?

However, due to time constraints sister Dulce, decided to forgo the advice of the congressman and opted to go to undersecretary Josephine Dominguez, who promptly mobilized her staff. I could say that she is one of our most ardent supporters specially to the Baguio group. In the end, we lost the opportunity of working with Congressman Domogan.

The cold weather started early in the city. During the week of extensive preparation, the rains came and dampened the venue which is the Melvin Jones. On November 12 however, the rains let up and the sun shone bright.

The rally proceeded with several Ministers as speakers together with Mr. Michael Zablan. The ministers were all in one in supporting the theme and goals of the GPF.

Half of the participants came from Ilocandia particularly la Union, brought by Felix Sanchez. In his text message he confirmed that he brought 700 people.

We may not have reached the goal of 150,000 participants, but the crowd that gathered on that day is still a good start for the Northern Luzon group. As you know, regionalism in this part of the country is prevalent and we hope to overcome these barriers through the GPF rallies. Maybe next time the venue, would be in Pangasinan or La Union. It is high time that the spirit of the festival be brought to other provinces in the north and not only in Baguio city.

We look forward to the 2009 Cordillera GPF Rally. As always, we credit the success to everyone's prayer and hard work.

Cheers to everyone.


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