The Words of the Banda Family

40-Day Pioneering in Zambia

Lawrence Banda and Yuyi Mwakamui
December 1981

Lawrence Banda, pioneer to Kabwe

I was the only member from the Luanshya family who took part in this summer's 40-day pioneering condition, the second pioneering for the Zambian family. Even though I was going, I had not much confidence in myself until I remembered something about why we should become a living sacrifice, which I will never forget in my life.

Upon arriving in Lusaka, I went to our church headquarters, where I met my brothers and sisters who were also going for pioneering -- six brothers and two sisters. Mr. Robert Williamson, our national leader, used the spiritual diagram to decide on the towns. Everyone now was busy thinking of his or her town. I was to go to Kabwe. Kabwe is one of the famous towns in Zambia's history, for it was the first mining town in Zambia.

When I got out of the bus, the first thing was to think of a place where I could go, stay and spend my 40 days. I talked with God to help me in my mission, for I had no proper place where I could stay. I was filled with fear, for I did not know what to do or whom to meet. Then all of a sudden, after much prayer, I felt better and started moving around town with my luggage.

The first place I went was the army barracks, where I was chased away by the guard. Then more energy came into my body, and I was moving like a wanderer, from house to house, office to office, explaining to people about my mission, that I only needed aid for 40 days, and that I wanted to teach them Divine Principle and help in any activities they would want me to do for them. But all ended in vain the first day. Luckily enough, I was able to trace an old schoolmate who works for the police force. That's where I spent my first night and kept my luggage.

The next day I was all by myself, with only Heavenly Father near me; that made me feel all right. I washed my face and set off. The first thing I did was to witness, then later I started trying to find a proper place to spend my 40 days. I pledged that I wouldn't return to my friend's place till I became successful. I moved from place to place till finally I came across an old Anglican church. It looked so dirty that I felt very bad and asked Heavenly Father to allow me to spend my remaining 39 days there restoring the church yard and bringing new spirit.

I found the man responsible and introduced myself to him and told him how anxious I was to clean the church, on the condition that he allow me to spend 39 days sleeping in the church hall. He told me to meet him the following day; he wanted to ask the mothers' union first. Things were getting very tough; I had to spend a night at the railway station. It was very cold there, because of the winter season, and the night seemed very long for me. All night I was only asking God to be with me during my stay in Kabwe.

Morning came. I washed my face from the tap of the railway station and combed my hair. It was still cold. Then I remembered holy song #7, "Song of the Spring Breeze," and I started singing. While I waited for day to come, I could feel Father's heart and how much he has done for me.

At 10:30, I went to see the church keeper. There I met a woman who gave me the green light to use the hall as my sleeping place. She was very kind and told me to have free lunch at her cafe every day. I could not believe that offer at first. I found myself in the cafe, having my first meal in Kabwe. In my heart I said, "Mansei, 40-day ministry."

That was the breakthrough which I wanted. The same day I went to see a sister whose address was given me by one of our members. There I met two brothers who were very devoted Christians and believed in salvation through the cross. I was greeted by being asked if I am saved, or if I am a born-again Christian. I told them not to worry about being saved, since I was there to teach them about Jesus' life and his purpose in coming here on earth. They accepted to be given lectures about the advent of the messiah and what salvation means.

Within my first week, I was able to teach one of them three chapters of the Divine Principle. I gave the sister the whole outline of Divine Principle, and she promised to continue with lectures. She was very willing to follow me and join the family, since she had no more interest in studying, and the only thing she needed to do was to work for God. But her mother was away doing a midwife course, so she could not come with me after my condition. She promised to come for more lectures and join the family after her mother completes her course.

During my third week of pioneering, I taught in the park, where I was meeting more brothers and sisters. There I met one brother called William, introduced the Divine Principle and explained my mission to him. He was willing to know more and find out about God. So we made an appointment to meet and discuss more Divine Principle. But before I could teach him more truth, all of a sudden he came to where I was staying and told me that he was going to Lusaka. So I told him to go and meet one of the brothers so he could attend the workshop. I gave him a small note to introduce himself when he arrived.

Everything worked out well, for he went to our center and attended the workshop. While I was still in Kabwe, I received a letter from brother William. He wrote, "I went to the center on Saturday afternoon and started to study the Divine Principle. I attended the three-day workshop, and I am looking forward to the seven-day workshop. I promise to do better in my studies. I paid the workshop fee. The lessons are very good, and I would be very happy if you can teach Principle to Peter, my friend. He must repent and come to know the truth which will make him happy for ever."

Yes, this brother came to understand Principle and is now a center member. So many things happened which I won't forget all my life.

Yuyi Mwakamui, pioneer to Chipata

I would like to say thanks to our True Parents, who have tried hard to bring us the new truth of Divine Principle, which leads a person to a happy life.

On the way to my town, Chipata, I taught an illiterate 24-year-old how to spell his name; it was very tiring. That night was freezing cold, sleeping in the open.

The next day a kind young man I met introduced me to his family and friends. The headmaster of Chipata Secondary School gave me permission to give a speech to the students. When I arrived, I saw that many students had already arrived, since they were told by the headmaster to come and listen to "so-called Divine Principle." When I entered the hall, they began clapping and roaring "eeeeeeeee." Then I was told to sit down, and the headmaster gave a speech. I was told to stand and introduce myself to them. After this, I started teaching. There were 100 people present.

I started with the Principle of Creation; the hall was quiet, including the teachers. Before I finished the chapter, I was fired with some questions. I carried on teaching until I reached the Mission of Jesus. Then I asked the headmaster to pray for us. He prayed, and some five girls were heard crying. After the prayer, I was told to come every Wednesday afternoon. I did so, and many people began to understand; they said they would join if we had a center in Chipata.

The second week I met Bernart. We visited the public park together, and there met two brothers who invited to their homes. I was introduced to the family and afterwards I was asked some questions about the Unification Church. We discussed for about two hours. My friend left me and went home, and I was told by the owner of the house to stay there. He was friendly and took me to the church where he goes. At the church I was asked to stand and introduce myself to the congregation of 400 people

I introduced myself after giving a prayer, thanking the people for letting me talk in front of them and for the good job they are doing for the preparation of the coming Lord, though they said he is coming from the clouds.

Believe it or not, I spent half my pioneering period (21 days) unaccommodated. I slept at the station, but I always comforted myself by remembering Jesus' pioneer course, as well as True Father's pioneer course. So, brothers and sisters, there is nothing we cannot do, with the pioneer spirit, especially if you realize you are the messiah in that area and everything depends on you. We should work very hard for the providence of restoration. 

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