The Words of the Badiang Family

Testimony Of Edgar Badiang

May 2009

(Editor's note: The following is the account of Edgar Badiang, a member of the Family Federation in the Philippines, in which he describes an unforgettable and cherished dream. Some of the phrasing of the English version of Mr. Badiang's testimony has been edited slightly for clarity.)

I dreamed that I was on a picnic near a beautiful waterfall together with my elder brother Roland. A great voice called us to prepare, because there was to be a banquet somewhere else. I replied that we can not attend, because we were not invited, and also we don't even know about that banquet. Moreover, we had no proper clothing or even a pair of shoes. And our clothes were already wet. But the voice was urging us to go even though we had nothing to prepare.

My elder brother said to me, "I won't go there, because my wife will not be there". But I said to my brother, "No!... we have to go quickly and follow the voice we head without complaint. Just make a telephone call to her when we arrive." When we stepped up out of the water, suddenly our clothes instantly changed into beautiful suits with white long sleeves with necktie, black pants and shiny black shoes! And then the voice said loudly," Please fall in line and follow the man in front of you." We were shocked and did not know what to do. We found ourselves following the longest line with so many people, old men and women and children. All spoke differently and had different faces and skin colors, but all were in white attire.

In the very far distance, we saw a very brilliant gate. My elder brother said to me, "What's that? Is the party inside that wonderful gate?" I replied, "Maybe... but what kind of party is it?"

When we were near, the gate is so wonderful -- with shining lights like nothing we had ever seen anywhere in this earthly world. My heart felt so happy, and because of that happiness the tears in my eyes began to fall. The gate had three steps, and on the third step was a very huge and wide space with so many brilliant colors of tables and chairs arranged so nicely and in different shapes. In the entrance of the gate there were so many foods. Before we entered the gate the voice again told us to taste one kind of food, and after we did, a girl in white appeared to me and led me to the table where I belonged, according to the food I had sampled.

At this moment I prayed, "Heavenly Father, please, may I be together with my elder brother Roland. I pray that we are placed at the same table!" This time I couldn't see anything... the loud voice instructed us to close our eyes... and a mellow pleasant sound of music started.

The ushers guided us to the tables where we belonged, and when my hand touched the chair, the girl in a white gown told me to sit now. I sat with my head bent down and with my eyes closed. And then I noticed that people had started eating already, because I heard the noise of plates. So I slowly opened my eyes.

I saw many kinds of delicious food. The table was oblong in shape...and I was so amazed, because when I looked around at my table mate, I saw the Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon in front of me! They were my table mates!

Smiling at me and The Reverend Sun Myung Moon quickly stood-up and began putting foods onto my plate. True Father touched me, and I cried. True Mother was smiling at me.

True Father said to me, "Don't worry, just continue eating now." And Father returned to his chair. He sat, looking at me and smiling. I cried and cried. I looked around to find where my elder brother Roland was sitting, but I couldn't find him... but [after a while] I found myself looking up at my brother!

Suddenly I woke up from sleep... my pillow was already wet from my tears. 

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