The Words of the Andan Family

Seungwha Ceremony for Ate Nera Andan

January 17, 2008

We would like to inform you about the passing to the spirit world of our elder sister Ate Nera Andan. She was originally from Cebu. Ate was hit by an unknown vehicle (police investigation is still going on) last November and was brought to the ICU at the nearest hospital. Bate Linda Tolentino who is the PHilWAK regional coordinator in that area visited her and many more members.

She has been unconscious for almost a month. Then when we heard that she was finally awaken we thought that she is already recovering. However she got a lot of serious bruises especially on her head. Then last January 08th we received information from Ate Linda Tolentino that she finally passed away.

Her church leader gave her a Seungwha ceremony before her body was cremated last January 10. And her remains will be kept temporarily until Ate Neraís sister arrived from the Philippines. Members have given donation for her sisterís plane ticket.

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