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The 1st National Assembly of Junior CARP Officers in the Philippines

Randy Ame
May 1-4, 2007
Regional Science High School, Region III
Subic Bay, Freeport Zone

"Tara Na! Kabataang Pinoy: Letís Rebuild Our Nation NOW!"

Day 1 (May 1, 2007) Opening Plenary

The opening plenary of the 1st National Assembly of Junior CARP officers was held in Subic Bay Arts Center (SUBAC). There were 119 student delegates and 16 teachers from different regional science high schools and exclusive schools in the Philippines.

A warm welcome remark from the passionate, dedicated and hard-working National President of JRCARP Philippines, Mr. Leonard Faustino signaled the start of the opening plenary. His speech was filled with conviction and sense of responsibility as a young leader. A heart-warming applause was given by the delegates after his speech.

Dr. Mindo delivers her inspiring keynote speech for the equivalent young leaders

DepEd Region III Director, Dr. Dinah F. Mindo, supported the event and expressed her high hopes and aspirations for the youth through her inspiring speech during the plenary. Along with Dr. Mindo, Dr. Naomi T. Arzadon, Asst. Supt. and OIC of DepEd Olongapo city; Dr. Perlita C. Basa, Schools Division Supt. of Zambales and the very accommodating host of this event Dr. Danila Moncada, Principal of Regional Science High School Region III graced the event.

Dr. Engr. Michael G. Zablan, the chairman of Junior CARP, presented the brief history of Junior CARP to give the delegates an overview of the organization.

Regional Science High School III Dance Troupe entertains the audience with a folk dance number.

The morning activity will not be complete without the activity reports from the pioneering chapters namely Aklan, Subic and PAC (Pampanga Agricultural College). Ms. Charmagne Yerro, Asst. Secretary of JRCARP Aklan, presented the activities and accomplishments in her represented chapter. Ms. Katrina Guinto, former president of JR.CARP PAC chapter showed the delegates the fruit of her leadership in her school community. Mr. Leonard Faustino who was also the former Vice President of JRCARP Regional Science High School Region III reported all the activities that they accomplished in their chapter.

The presentation of the pioneering school chapters made a very positive impact on the delegates so as to the educators who joined the event.

PAC Band rocks the audience with their youthful songs.

The afternoon activity was enjoyed by the participants and even by the teachers because there was a chance wherein the youth was given their limelight to showcase their talent. Some school representative performed a folk dance while others played band instruments and rendered youthful songs, which made the participants unleash their youthful energy and savor their moment!

General presentation about Global Issues according to UN and National Issues and Challenges were tackled in the latter part of the afternoon program. The issues were clearly discussed and readily absorbed by the delegates.

The General presentation was supported and substantiated by a video showing entitled "An Inconvenient Truth" which awakened the delegates on the Global situation and danger that we may encounter due to a serious state of Mother Earthís global warming.

Day 2 (May 2, 2007) Break-out Sessions

Young Junior CARP Officers listens eagerly to their co-participants who were speakers during the break-out sessions.

The second day of the Junior CARP assembly started with a morning devotion followed by a very fun and enjoyable dance exercise taught by Ms. Mishuko Nikuni, a Japanese Pure Love Itinerant Missionary. The morning was so alive and exciting! Pure Love lecture and chanting filled the morning of the delegates. Then afterwards, the orientation for the break out session was announced.

There will be two break-out sessions and in each session there are four topics that will be simultaneously discussed. The topics are the following:

TOPIC I: Challenges on Academic and Values Education

Presenter: Mr. Jasper Dayanan from Regional Science HS Region XII, Alabel

TOPIC II: Mass Media and the World Wide Wild Web

Presenter: Ms. Charmagne Loren Yerro from RSHS Region VI, Aklan

TOPIC III: Religion and Racial Conflicts

One adviser gives her opinion as a commentator after one of the presentations.
Presenter: Mr. Michael Kevin Fajardo from RSHS, Region III

TOPIC IV: Ecological Problems: Destroying Natureís Balance

Presenter: Ms. Quennie Larito and Joey Co from Quirino General High School, Region II

Delegates and teachers had a very educational and interactive discussion in every topic being presented by the high school students from different JRCARP chapters.

Day 2 is almost over, delegates had both cognitive and experiential learning, but before resting, they heard a very vital lecture and educational lecture presentation entitled "Theory of Education" which was presented by the chairman of JRCARP, Dr. Engr. Michael G. Zablan.

The delegates were able to see things in another and better vista through the ideals of the lecture presented to them. Moreover, the lecture presentations widen the perspective of the delegates towards various aspect of life and made them realize that all of us have a purpose.

Day 3 (May 3, 2007) Service Project and Pure Love Rally

Experiential learning is all that is needed to learn the essentials of life. So, experiential learning is what the delegates will have for this day! This time they will apply in real life all the things that they have learned from the past days.

Education of the heart through Service for Peace and Pure Love Rally is the main goal for this day.

Service for Peace is done as a morning activity. The delegates will give food to the street children in Rizal Triangle, Olongapo city. It sounds easy, but itís not. Why? Because the delegates must look for a street child or children or anyone who is homeless or needy and they have to win the personís trust and eventually give them food.

According to the delegates the Service for Peace activity that they experienced is very life-changing and made them realize a lot of things. But, that activity is only half of what is prepared for them. The other half is an exciting and unique activity which isÖ Pure Love Rally!

Pure Love Rally promotes purity and chastity before marriage and fidelity within marriage. This rally encourages the youth to say NO to pre-marital sex.

Pure Love Itinerants Missionaries, headed by Ms. Gumbin Hwang, painstakingly taught the delegates the pure love chant and imparted the importance of purity as young leaders and as hope of this nation. Dr. Engr. Michael G. Zablan, chairman of JRCARP and Dr. Anne Montejo, Vice President of Tong-il Moo Do Asia graced the event which is held in Rizal Triangle, Olongapo city.

The delegates expressed their youthful power and enthusiasm through the pure love march and chant: "Make it sure, keep it pure!" Colorful placards advocating purity and pure love are carried by the delegates for the people to see.

Some delegates performed dance number and some rendered songs as they advocate pure love and express their youthfulness and vigor. One of the highlight of the rally is the Tong-il Moo Do demonstration by selected students from Unification Theological Seminary.

The whole pure love rally was very lively and the delegates are high-spirited. After the PURE LOVE PLEDGE and signature campaign a dance for all was opened for the audience in Rizal Triangle to join.

Day 4 (May 4, 2007) Adventure Training (Yippee!)

After all the very remarkable and precious activities that the delegates will cherish for as long as they live, the fourth day of Junior CARP assembly will be a benchmark of a very promising and hopeful future.

Morning devotion and a cute dance exercise was the start of their day. After breakfast, the delegates prepared to go to "Pamulaklakin", a forest trail where native aetas in Pampanga resides. The aetas maintain the forest trail and this is where they earn for their living through selling souvenir items which are handcrafted and naturally produced products like honey, gugo and various types of herbal medicine.

What is their activity in Pamulaklakin? Adventure challenge! There are 12 stations each of which asks for a certain task to be accomplished. In this activity the delegates were able to build unity among their teammates and their survival skills were tested.

The purpose of this adventure training is not only for the delegates to enjoy, but also to realize things in connection with the nature that God has created. After the adventure challenge the delegates traveled back to Regional Science High School to rest for a while and prepare for the resolution making.

The delegates were grouped according to their regions and they discussed about their resolution and proposal of activities for their respective schools. The resolution and proposal of the delegates was presented during the closing program of the assembly. The resolutions on global problems and national problems, as presented by the youth themselves will be forwarded to Local Government and Department of Education Offices. (with reports from Randy Ame)

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