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National Headquarter Hosted The 1st CFWP 1-Day DP Seminar

Randy Ame
April 6, 2007
Quezon City, Philippines

Last April 1, 2007, two separate 1-day Divine Principle seminar were conducted at the UM national headquarter. There were a total of 10 participants attended the said seminar, 6 of them are the result of cyberspace witnessing in the CFWP mobilization ( having Mrs. Myrna Tusoy, Lorena Tumbokan, Junila Tusoy, Cornelio Tusoy, Jr. Mernel Tusoy, and Nestor Udasion) headed by Dr. Allan Cadano and Sis. Lyra Kim and KTE egroup. The other 4 (Ronie Gabas, Mark Jade Apostol, Rowena Panostan, and Florida Balignas) participants were invited by our dear sister Janet from Paranaque.

Sis. May Sato was the lecturer for the participants invited by Sis. Janet in a separate lecture. In her lecture she presented Introduction, the major parts of the Divine Principle (C1, C2, and restoration). After the lectures, she proclaimed True Parents as the Messiah. Pastor Ronie Gabas, a UCCP pastor, feel dizzy and surprised after hearing the proclamation from the lecturer.

Randy Ame gave the lectures to the guests of the cyberspace witnessing of CFWP. The topics that were presented are Introduction to the DP, Chapter 1, Chapter 2 and Value and Purpose of the Blessing. Participants actively listened and digested the lectures with the visual-slides presentation and words of discussion. After the lecture presentation, the participants wanted to join the PMC blessing, while teenager, Mernel Tusoy expresses his desire to join the 21 days summer workshop of WCARP.

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