The Words of the Ablong Family

Sample Internal Condition

Rafael E. Ablong
November 23, 2011

Anytime of the Day November 24 – January 5, 2012


1. That God's Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven for the Re-Unification of North and South Korea and for the peace of the world.

2. Unity, Health, Safety, Security and Success of True Parents and Their Activities.

3. Unity, Health, Safety, Security and Success of Blessed Central Families, Blessed Children, leaders and elders of the church, members and supporters of the Unification Movement all over the world.

4. For the forgiveness, sanctification and purification of my spirit, heart, mind and body to be worthy of God's works in Chung Pyung workshop for the liberation of my ancestors up to the 210 generations.

5. Accomplishment of Japan-based Philippine Unification Church Members' Mission.

6. Safety, security and success of all IPLC, PUCM-J, TIMD and witnessing activities.

7. Stability, safety, security and success of my job at FIS and for all TIMD activities in Japan. 

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