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Filipino-Nihonjin Couples Association (FINICA) Constitution and By-Laws

Raffy Ablong
September 16, 2011

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It took me time to actually start this because of my schedule this week. Please read everything and see if this looks presentable to embassy officials for their approval of FINICA. Here's the PDF file.

I hope that through this effort we can hasten the providence of restoration in Japan and the Philippines. I really think that as international members in Japan, it is our responsibility to help Japan church and our original church to witness and educate people about our True Parents, the King of Kings, the Messiah, the Lord of the Second Advent, and the Parents of Heaven and Earth.

Feel free to contact me if there is any problem about this. We need more eyes to look at this before registering the new organization at the Philippine Embassy in Tokyo.

Thanks for waiting.


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