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30,000 Couples Anniversary Celebration -- August 28, 2011

Raffy Ablong
August 11, 2011
International Blessed Families Association (IBFA)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We would like to invite you to join us in celebrating the 30,000 Couples' Anniversary celebration on Sunday, August 28, 2011 from 10 – 12:30 p.m. The event will be held at the ground floor dining hall of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity Headquarters located near the left side of Takamiya Nishitetsu Station when you get off from Tenjin. The station is two-stations away from Tenjin Nishitetsu Train Terminal. Please go to his link for a copy of the direction going there

Rev. Hoshiko Takamitsu, former Unification Church leader of all Japan churches in Kyushu Island will grace our occasion and deliver an inspirational message to all of us. Master Hoshiko is a former missionary to England and the USA in the late 1970s and 1980s. He is also the current Vice-President and Secretary General of World Tong-Il Moo Do Federation.

Please bring food to share with 10 people during our potluck lunch. Send me or us a note about the food you are going to bring so we could avoid having the same kind of food together. You may also do this by filling up the attached document.

Our tentative program after the speech includes some presentations that will continue until 12:30 pm. Schedule to come early to help in our preparations. Please inform me in advance, if you or your child wishes to present a musical or entertainment number during the program.

Please inform other members not included in the email addresses. You may also bring your guests. For more details about this event, please contact me.

Thank you so much and see all of you there.

For and in behalf of IFA and Mr. Yoshiura,

Rafael E. Ablong


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