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National TIMD Instructors Training for Filipino Black belts in Japan

Raffy Ablong
May 12, 2011

Please Pass This Message To Other Filipino Black Belts In Japan

Dear Tong-il Mo Do (TIMD) Instructors and Alumni,

A few Filipino instructors proposed the idea of holding a 2-Day or 3-Day National TIMD Instructors Training in Mie-Ken, Japan. The purpose of the training is to learn the TIMD forms, techniques and instructional standards from our Japan National President, Vice-President and Secretary-General of WTIMDF, International Master Hoshiko Takamitsu.

The registration fee will depend on the number of participants. We will need to pay for Hoshiko Sensei's transportation, food and accommodation expenses on top of what we will pay for the rent of the venue.

I already received some hopeful and positive response about the idea but we need to write it down and plan about it together ASAP. Please tell me if you are interested to attend the instructors' training if ever we will hold it Mie-Ken during the Obong Yasumi.

Please reply to this email.

Also. please tell me your skype address so we can meet on Skype soon about this and other things.

Thank you.

Raffy Ablong 

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