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Proposed Constitution and By-Laws for Federation of Foreign Workers for Peace in Japan

Raffy Ablong
May 7, 2011

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We have opened a new chapter in our history after the ODP Workshop lat May 1-5, 2011 in Mie-Ken. Central-Regional Minister Roy Carumba asked me to write this draft of the Constitution and By-Laws for the Federation of Foreign Workers for Peace (FFWP). This new organization will be created to organize the different groups of foreigners in Japan under one umbrella starting in Mie prefecture. We have already a lot of promising circles there especially the Sun Band, etc. The plan is to register this organization with the Japan government so we will get some kind of funding to run our activities for peace.

I only have one brain, two eyes and two hands to do this enormous job. I need all of you to read it and send your suggestions or questions so we can iron out the kinks and plug the holes before this goes out to other people especially to those we will serve and educate, to help God and True Parents realize Heaven on Earth.

Please remember to read this document thoroughly and send your suggestions nicely. You may need to open the attachment to secure the word copy of this document. Let us give ourselves 12 working days to finish this one.

Deadline to send in your comments and suggestions shall be on May 19th. I will put the official document for printing after that. Brother Roy Carumba informed me that the people we need to run the organization are already prepared. They are just waiting for his go-signal. But we need to be a little careful about this, too. Let us take this time until May 19th as a special condition to work together to realize God's dream for all foreigners in Japan.

Let us help each other help Heavenly Father and True Parents realize their dream for the greater happiness and peace of humankind.

Thank you.

Rafael E. Ablong 

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