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Original Divine Principle Seminar: 4th Day Report and Reflection

Raffy Ablong
May 4, 2011

Original Divine Principle Seminar
Suzuka Youth Center, Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture, Japan
May 1-5, 2011

Sorry, I have to do this quickly today.

We are now on the last day of the 5-Day Original Divine Principle Seminar. Our dear elder brother, Prof. Joseph Navalta, will finish the lecture this morning on the Lord of the Second Advent then start his lectures on Father's Life and the Value of the Blessing. We expect to finish the lectures and receive the certificate signed by True Parents just before lunch.

The activities this morning will be followed by a family festival in the afternoon. Family members here lead by PUCMJ Central Regional Minister, Brother Roy Carumba, have coordinated with other Filipinos and international residents in the city to join them in the celebrations. One of the highlights of the afternoon program is a power point presentation on the five peace principles by Prof. Navalta. It will be followed by a toast of peace so those attending the festival will have a chance to purify themselves and start a new beginning with greater goal and hope for peace and development.

Our lectures yesterday were so enlightening. There were a few new revelations from True Father that answered some of our persistent questions in the past. God continues to reveal to us his heart of hope, pain and suffering in history. Many biblical secrets are coming out especially secrets supported by facts that have never been answered by most Christian ministers. Without Jesus' revelation of his life and other biblical secrets to True Father, we won't be able to answer all the secrets that most Christians consider sacred or still a mystery for lack of better answer until now.

Let me share with you what I heard yesterday from the lectures. God is preparing us so much for 2013. This is why we are going through a lot of events and challenges.

Almost all religions explain about faith. Most of the central figures in the history of salvation do not fail in their foundation of faith but during the process of accomplishing the foundation of substance. Establishing the foundation of faith is not usually the problem. How we use that faith to remove our four fallen natures and subjugate Satan by true love is the problem. This second requirement to build the foundation to receive the messiah is the most difficult and challenging part of the restoration process. That is why historical parallels occur in history. Histoical parallels are a result of man's failure to perfect the foundation to receive the Messiah and God's consistent effort and desire to accomplish His Will on Earth.

Suffering can make us closer to God. If we are always happy, we cannot understand or experience suffering and difficulties of God and our fellow human beings. To understand God's heart, we have to experience suffering. When we always eat food, we will not know what hunger is. When the fall occurred, the world for God turned upside down. So God went down, Satan went up. So if you want to know where God is, you have to go down. You have to experience suffering because God is suffering after the Fall of Adam and Eve up until now. Those who suffer are the people closest to God. We should not be afraid of suffering if it is the only way to understand and give joy to God. To get closer to Him, we have to share with His loneliness and suffering.

To know if the building is strong, it has to undergo testing by shaking. Buildings that remain standing after a big earthquake are the strongest ones. To make the relationship with your spouse stronger, you have to go through some kind of hardships together.

When parents grow old, there is reversal of care and concern. Children take care of parents after parents take care of children.

To advance or not to advance is decided at the moment. Blessing comes to us when we struggle the most so we must endure. Jesus' encounter with the woman by the well taught us one thing. We can worship God in Spirit and Truth. If there are so many faiths or religions and you can't do it, worship him in spirit. Even if you cannot worship God in spirit, you can worship him in Truth.

There is also rich and poor in the Kingdom of Heaven. Those who suffered more for the public good on earth will have more in Heaven. It depends on how much you have worked on earth for God. How you used your time, money, resources, your body and whatever God has provided for the His providence will determine how much happiness you can enjoy in Heaven. "What is bound on earth is bound in heaven. We reap what we sow."

The problem of Lucifer was not about sex but about his alignment to the vertical love of God and how he wanted to take dominion over God's creation.

Noah's wife's name is not mentioned in the Bible. It is very easy to believe in God, but what is important is if God believe in you. Because of one person's faith, God can judge the evil and unrighteous. God can save all 8 members of Noah's family because of Noah's faith.

Faith should not be bounded by what is reasonable or what can be rationalized. "All numbers in the Bible are not a product of coincidence but a result of n Principle."

Raven or blackbird symbolized Satan was not a real bird. Back bird hovering over the ark after the 40 days flood judgment means Satan was trying to invade Noah's family. Noah is the first father of faith, 2nd father of faith is Abraham.

Money is the symbol of creation. How to make money is less important than how to use it. How to use money is very important.

More reports soon. Thank you.

Rafael E. Ablong 

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