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Mongolian Incident Part 2

Raffy Ablong
December 24, 2010

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The reason why that letter about this Mongolian Incident came out is clearly the result of the latest direction as mentioned in the video presentation of Rev. Joshua Cotter, we need to expose what they are doing.

Also, Hyung Jin Nim mentioned a few weeks ago in his Sunday Service that for 2 years, they have been silent about this issue publicly but it has not helped the other side to re-consider and stop what they are doing so they have to be chastised publicly now so that they will stop.

I agree with Rev. Hyung Jin Nim and Rev. Cotter. Sweeping the dirt under the rug is not a good way to clean the house. To clean the house, we need to take out the dirt and not hide it under the rug. Throw the dirt in the garbage because that is where it belongs. Let me be clear, when I say dirt I don't mean the people but the things they are doing.

Not exposing their wrongdoings in public is tantamount to condoning them. Not publicly denouncing their misconducts means tolerating them to continue. It's equivalent to saying Yes you are doing well. Keep on doing wrong because that is right. NO, NO. We are saying stop what you are doing because it is wrong -- MEANING IT IS NOT RIGHT. PERIOD.

We have to be clear about what we are saying. Our sympathy for them will always be here as brothers and sisters. But how do we tell them clearly so that they will understand the point?? Are we making bad brothers and sister or good brothers and sisters?

I am so sorry that some people's motives are becoming questionable because of their questions. Sometimes, answering a question with a question is better than answering it correctly especially when we are at fault. Why can't people admit their mistakes? Why should we allow them to continue by keeping our silence and hiding the truth? Why are some people afraid that they be uncovered, are they one with them? (Let's put an echo: one with them, one with them, one with them, one with themmmmmmm.)

Nakita na nga magsisinungaling pa!! The evidence of wrongdoing is very clear and yet people who sympathize with them are still trying to protect them. Why can't they just say, I am doing it. I am fooling around with the Messiah, manipulating his followers by using my influence as an elder and former leader. Ha ha, why not? Answer: Because they want to multiply (another echo: multiply, multiply, multiply) ... so disgusting. Is that what we want? Allow them to multiply evil? No, No no. Peace activities are not evil. NOT FOLLOWING THE MESSIAH'S DIRECTION IS LEADING THEM TO EVIL -- to selfishness. So why are they not listening, not following. Their answer: this and that is bad, someone or something is bad not them. Why are they doing this? Answer because they are at fault. Remember Adam and Eve when they were asked by God, "did you eat the fruit? and they said "No!" while hiding the apple in front of God.

So who can solve the problem, how can we solve it? Keeping quiet?? For all you know, they are taking advantage of our silence. Just follow church direction. When the leader says, "Expose their evil doings". Let us do that all together, why not? Why don't you like it?

The best Christmas gift for them is TRUTH and Forgiveness, the essence of love. When we truly love someone, we teach him what is right and what is wrong. If we condone his wrongs, then we are not helping him grow as person in the right. In fact, we could be sending that person to Satan. As true brothers and sisters in True Parents names, we have to right the wrongs of brothers and sisters, leaders and elders like the Kwak's group by doing the right and uncovering their wrongs.

Merry Christmas Ho, ho, ho!!!

Raffy Ablong 

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