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Updated Report of the Japan Meeting with the UM Continental Director for Asia 1

Raffy Ablong
October 27, 2010

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

One of the highlights of the recent meeting in Japan (Mie-Ken and Tokyo) with our U.M. Continental Director for Asia, is a report about the International Peace and Leadership College (IPLC) by its current president, Dr. Venus Agustin. IPLC, formerly known as the Unification Theological Seminary in Asia, now based in Tanay, Rizal Province, Philippines, is asking for sponsors of students.

True Parents and the International Unification Church President, Rev. Dr. Hyung Jin Nim as well as our Continental Director, Rev. Dr. Yong, and our Philippine National U. C. President, Rev. Jun Basuil, are fully supportive of the vision, mission, goals and activities of the college. We cannot fail them for the sake of our world, countries and families. The kind of education and training of these IPLC students are phenomenal. This is the first college in the world that starts educating and training its students for the sake of peace and prosperity in the world at four o'clock in the morning. Sponsoring students of IPLC will certainly help sustain its programs and facilities, help those students financially support themselves and allow us to have spiritual children with the blessings of our Continental Director. Read the IPLC brochure for more about the college.

Download a copy of the sponsorship application form on page 1 of the brochure now, fill it up, and send it with your financial assistance as soon as possible. You may also click on this link for a complete view of this message

There are so many deserving students who need our financial and scholarship assistance. Each student can be sponsored for Y5,000 ($500 yen) per month. Our Continental Director, Rev. Dr. Yong, is asking us to sponsor at least 2 or 3 students so we can sustain IPLC. Sponsored students will be counted as our spiritual children and they can be a good condition for us to continue our family and church mission in Japan, the Philippines and the world because some or most of them will eventually handle positions in the movement anywhere in the world.

For the greater victory and glory of God, True Parents, True Children, Blessed Central Families, Blessed Children, and World Peace.

Thank you.

Rev. Rafael E. Ablong

National Vice-Executive Minister
Philippine Unification Church in Japan (PUCM-J) 

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