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Brief Report about Meeting with Hoshiko Sensei

Raffy Ablong
August 24, 2010

Just a quick note about our meeting today with Master Hoshiko Sensei, President of Japan Tong Il Moo Do, Vice-President and secretary-General of W-TIMD [Tong Il Moo Do]:

1. Meeting with Master Dr. Venus Agustin with Japanese leaders and some Filipino leaders like Angelina Obara, Arnold Heramis, Robert Alcamfor was successful in terms of securing some financial pledges and organizational support. Some of those who confirmed support for the project were Kuya Dante Negre, Nick Santiago, Mar Lagura, James Paranada Isaias Florentino, Bogn Jarap, Joel Arias and others.

2. They were able to organize a new group that would support the IPLC Student Support Project in Japan lead by Angelina Obara.

3. Master Hoshiko is finally going back to his hometown after 12 years to do his tribal mission while serving as a WTIMD and Japan TIMD leader.

4. I will work to have him come at the international school sometimes to teach TIMD. I will be learning from him, too. Yeheyyy!!

5. Master Dada Ladica Dos Santos s helping fulfill the role of Master Gustavo (who is now absent) as TIMD Continental Leader of South America. Master Dada has been instrumental in a lot of historical victories of the South American TIMD providence. She is reportedly working towards the promotion and acceptance of TIMD as an Olympic Sport in 2014 in Brazil. She is also busy procuring the funds for her TIMD delegates to the World Peace Cup Tournament in Korea from October 9-12, 2010 at the Chung Pyung Youth Center Gymnasium in Chung Pyung, Korea.

Thank you.


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