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Partnership Agreement

Raffy Ablong
September 23, 2008

Attachments: GPF Partnership Agreement (pdf)

(Hurriedly done, sorry)

Dear Fukuoka GPF Staff, Brothers and Sisters,

Please take note that we can invite individuals and groups for GPF. For individual invitations, please use the edited (final) copy of the invitation forms. For VIPs, you may use the invitation form for VIPs that we made for this purpose.

For group invitations, you may have to present the brochure that Helen is sending you plus, a copy of the invitation form and a form for partnership agreement. Please open attachment for a copy of the GPF Partnership Agreement (pdf). You may make copies for the number of leaders or group representatives that you are going to invite. They may also need to take a look at the invitation form so get ready with it.

Please read it first so you will know its contents and to know how to approach the people you are planning to invite. Take note that for group membership: it is not necessary for the group to be there if they can't make it. They may send their representatives or their representations (contributions). But we need to put their names on the program for the next GPF activities after the main event this year so they will be inspired to do more when they see their names on the list of people and organizations who are doing goodness for peace.

Please take note that GPF is held every two years. Next year's focus is WCSF but we can still do build-up activities for our GPF the following year 2010. It is necessary for us to keep on looking, building and strengthening our partnerships with people and organizations in Japan or elsewhere to be really successful.

Most of us have multiple jobs and responsibilities within and outside the GPF movement so we need to be careful of our mental, physical health and spiritual health. We need this body to multiply truth, beauty, goodness and peace. So, please don't wear out or at least don't be worn out or get burned out yourself. We need to take care of each other by taking care of ourselves and our internal responsibilities to God and True Parents.

There was a question about venue size, location and presentation. I think that our subject is not venue but God's love, joyfulness and peace for other people. How many people are attending? One of the things I learned from GPF Manila as I had the privilege to be there to attend the events and the evaluation meetings is that we need to be always communicating with each other and verifying situations. There is also a need for us to make ourselves available for the greater purpose most of the time especially when we are tied down to our committee work while other committees are trying to find people to help them. We can be flexible without sacrificing our responsibilities.

Situations and demands change from time to time so we need to be flexible enough to meet those situations and challenges squarely. They, surely, help make us grow but along with the spiritual growth is professional development as well because we are learning by doing them. This is the fastest way to learn things.

Don't be afraid of mistakes and failures. Let us open our hearts and minds wider so we can receive all the things that we need for growth. Let us not let pride and failure stand in our way towards learning and perfecting our individualities for the sake of our children and the world.

Let us truly help each other. Take care and good luck to all that we will do from now until the day of reckoning. For us here in Fukuoka, it's October 12th. Let us make the most out of this experience.

Sorry, I wrote this in the middle of doing other things. I just remembered all of you brothers and sisters wherever you are. The time has changed. We may be as scattered now as we were before in one country but this experience will make us grow together even from a distance, Let us value this important time because each time will always be different. Each time and each event in our life whether we are together in one place or not will always make us grow if we have the best attitude in life to keep growing, loving and sharing beyond distances and other limitations.

Let us always take care of each other even when doing it is so hurting. That is how we hone our skills for loving and living for others.

To all of my precious brothers and sisters out here, there, over there and elsewhere.

Good luck to all your GPF activities. GAMBARIMASHO!!

From Fukuoka with Love,

Raffy Ablong 

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