The Words of the Yokoji Family

God Desperately Wants To Reach All of Us

Elizabeth Yokoji
May 1986

At the close of 1985, Father asked that five specific speeches be read to brothers and sisters on January 3, 1986, the Day of Victory of Love. On January 2, Mr. Shunichiro Yoshida, Rev. Kwak's assistant, asked me to prepare to read one of those speeches at the celebration gathering. I agreed, partly because of a profound experience of repentance my husband and I had had at the end of 1985, but mainly because I felt I had to read the speech on behalf of spirit world. It was the speech Father gave at the leaders' conference on January 3, 1984, the day after Heung Jin Nim died.

When I woke up the following morning, I had a tremendous feeling of calmness and confidence, which is unusual for me. When my turn came to read, I read the speech with such power that even people outside of the room could hear me. At the conclusion of the speech I was asked to pray. My prayer was so powerful and intense that I literally had to hold on to the podium to keep standing. When I finished praying I realized that I couldn't move. Rev. David Hose came up to me. I told him I couldn't move. I tried to remain in control because, to be honest, I was rather afraid.

I felt that my spirit had grown to the size of the room. It seemed to have become so big that I could not breathe properly, and I could no longer stand on my own. Luckily, Rev. Hose was right next to me, and he helped me to my seat. In the moment I was moving toward my seat I could actually sense each person's spirit in the room. I could spiritually perceive their sorrows, frustrations, anger, resentments, hopelessness, confusion, and fears, as well as their hope, faith, and desire to love God, True Parents, and other people.

I realized that God wanted to tell all the Unification Church members, all the religious leaders of the world, and even all the people of every country that He has been with mankind every step of the way of restoration. He has experienced our sorrow, our frustrations, and our confusion along with us. He desperately wants to reach all of us -- to lead us, guide us, encourage us, comfort us, and love us personally -- but Satan has not allowed Him to. Satan has always complained and accused God, and God has had to sacrifice us. But now, since Father's victory in Korea and Heung jin Nim's victory in spirit world, Satan can no longer accuse us as long as we fulfill three conditions -- if we ask God to help us, if we are clear within ourselves, and if we let go of our past failures and resentments between brothers and sisters, between leaders and members, and among the leaders themselves.

God wanted to tell us that we must unite in one heart, one mind, one spirit. We must offer to God through repentance everything that separates us from Him, True Parents, and each other. We must offer to Heung Jin Nim the indemnity paid through our repentance, so that he can use it to protect our True Parents and to advance God's providence. Our repentance can come on the foundation of the condition of unity that was established in the spirit world between Heung Jin Nim and the 36 Blessed Couples and the condition of unity that was established here on earth between Father and the 72 PWPA professors who faithfully attended Father in December 1983.

At that moment God also told me that this is a year like no other year. This is the year that God has been waiting for, that we have been fighting for, that we have been suffering for. This is the year to claim a victory for God, True Parents and ourselves. Spirit world is closer to the physical realm now than at any time since the fall. This is the year for us to achieve tremendous miracles beyond our dreams. In 1986 IA we must totally and absolutely unite with True Parents and with each other.

As I was walking from the podium, I experienced this revelation as glorious, victorious, and triumphant, but also as a desperate demand on the part of God. It was only a spark; I knew it was not meant to be a completed revelation. However, the content is becoming clearer and clearer to me every day, especially through deeper reflection and repentance. I'm sure that if any of you asks God sincerely, humbly, and desperately to show you what His will is, He will also speak to you. 

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