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International Women's Day Celebrated in France

Brigitte Wada
March 6, 2010
President, WFWP-France

Paris, France -- On March 6, the French chapters of the Women's Federation for World Peace and of the Universal Peace Federation organized a conference in Paris to commemorate the International Women's Day 2010.

This was also the second meeting in 2010 of the UPF-WFWP monthly public events and the occasion to present the new publication of the work of WFWP throughout the last 18 months on women's dignity. It includes reference texts and lectures by Mrs. Ingrid Lindemann, education director of WFWP-Europe; contributions by various Ambassadors for Peace in France of the UPF/WFWP commission that worked on the topic in 2008 and 2009; and the contributions of the 2009 European Women's Federation annual meeting in Paris, June 2009.

The afternoon started with the presentation of this new publication by Mrs. Hanna Lotterie, UPF representative, and was followed by the first speaker, Mrs. Agnes Lorthior, of the World Organization of Prenatal Education Associations. She presented a video on the importance of preparation for parenthood and the relationship of both parents with the unborn baby before, during and after pregnancy. The imprint that we receive at that early stage of human existence will determine our future life to a great extent.

Mrs. Amély-James Koh Bela, President of "Mayina," explained her work in Europe and Africa to prevent human trafficking with the purpose of sexual exploitation of women and children. After working for many years incognito to understand the network and strategies of trafficking in Europe and Asia, many times risking her own security and life, she now focuses on prevention in African countries, trying to create awareness of what children and women will have to go through once they are in the hands of the traffickers.

Then, Mrs. Brigitte Wada, President of WFWP-France, presented PowerPoint presentations on "The role of Women in Peace Building" and "Create Her-Story in the 21st Century." She said that it was very important for women to meditate and to elevate her spirituality in order to guide and influence positively her family and her community.

This was followed by an intense discussion leading to the consensus that what the world needs urgently is the balancing of masculine and feminine qualities in both women and men and to create a new alliance between men and women. Men need to be liberated to express their feminine qualities and women need more courage to expose their vulnerability in the sense of expressing their true heart and love. 

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