The Words of the Vjaters Family

Marriage and Family Program in Latvia

Janis Vjaters
November 6, 2011
UPF -- Latvia

Riga, Latvia -- UPF-Latvia held a seminar on November 6 on the theme "Marriage and Family – School of Love." Among the 20 participants were Latvian Ambassadors for Peace, the Director of the Human Pedagogy Center in Latvia, Irmine Pobernaka, and a film director, Arnes Aknelaus.

The two presentations given by Janis Vjaters were "The Family as the School of Love" and "The Blessing Movement for Peace," explaining the value of intercultural marriage and the vision of UPF Founder Dr. Sun Myung Moon for peace centered upon the family.

For a few of the participants, this was their first introduction to the UPF vision. The lectures were followed by a much discussion, showing great interest in how Dr. Moon's philosophy can be applied in Latvia. 

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