The Words of the Valyuk Family

Our Church In Belarus

Igor Valyuk
April 10, 2009
National Leader of Belarus
Morning House, Korolevo, Belarus
Excerpts from Sunday Service Sermon

Yesterday it was 9th of May. The Victory Day. We know the providential meaning of world wars. True Father was 19 years old in 1939 when Second World War started. He passed through all the horrors of the Twentieth Century.

It is interesting that Hitler as well as Stalin in all his born days didn’t kill a single man. But their orders and power led to such a terrible tragedy. We understand that Soviet Union was on Satan’s side and Stalin was anti-type of the Lord of Second Coming. Satan knew God’s plan and used it in order to create the false world. Stalin had plans to spread communist ideas all over the world.

But God wins a victory finally. If the Messiah had been recognized in 1945 within 7 years he would be recognized on the world level. But because of mistakes Christianity didn’t fulfill its responsibility and Father had to start 40 years way (1952-1992). God’s plan of creating ideal world was delayed for 40 years. Each step of Father was based on the Principle…

Now our Movement is an international one. Almost in every country there are the followers of Father. In 1992 new age has begun after the end of cold war and disintegration of Soviet Union -- Evil Empire.

God has been leading the history in order to connect all humankind with True Father. When we look at the course of history we start to understand better the value of True Parents, understand why God loves and protect them so much. True Parents are people who have overcome huge sufferings keeping faith. On that foundation God gave them Heavenly luck and blessing. That’s why each Father’s initiative is successful.

For example, Chung Pyung hospital is considered the best one in Korea. “Peace Cup”… Sun Moon University… etc.

As you know, the book about True Father has become bestseller in Korea.

No one can remain indifferent to the willing of True Father to change the world. Marat Egorov (the chairman of Belarusian Fund of Peace since 1991; International Ambassador of Peace) once said: “I don’t know any man in the world equal with Dr. Moon in peacemaking”.

…Now our Movement in Belarus is checked by KGB. Not only we have such difficulties but UM in Ukraine also is going through total check up. At least they will know that we are here only 150 in number (they have been thinking that we have around 20,000 members throughout Belarus). Somehow we can consider this check as a plus for us because we can win officials’ positive attitude towards our activities (e. g. the activity of our youth public association “Altera” which works also as the affiliate of SFP). The most difficult and upsetting for us is that in Belarus officials hide peacemaking activity of True Parents. UM is seen just from religious point of view (that Father declared himself as a messiah, he conduct Blessing, his followers enter into an international marriages and leave our country). We can try to achieve to be able to speak about peacemaking activity.

Investigator of KGB who is processing our case during his visit to us took a book about UPF from the shelf and was turning over the pages for about half an hour… it looks as he was absorbed in a book. Before leaving he said, “You may say me ‘thank you’ that I came here”. I was surprised with his words. He is atheist. He doesn’t care about religion at all but the cause of peace and peacemaking are very important for atheists.

…I am sure that before passing to spiritual world Father will be recognized.

There’s going to be serious scandal of Lukashenko and Orthodox Church because he is making efforts to reconcile Catholic and Orthodox Churches. But Orthodox Church states that they don’t need any mediator in the developing of relations between two confessions. But Lukashenko noted that Belarus is in the 2nd place after Lithuania on the post-soviet area in the number of Catholic believes. And he is also their president.

From the one hand, our president has authoritarian ambitions, but from the other hand, he is an ecumenist and close to the ideas of world peace.

In our turn we have to get on the right side of the president and he can do very much. Our country is very unique because here Catholic and Orthodox believers, Catholics and Protestants get along with each other. Tolerance is inherited in Belarusian people...

…I’m sure that now is the age of cardinal changes. And of course, the most important thing is our status as blessed families and our own responsibility to show what we are notable for and be the people who live not just for the day but for the future. 

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