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Closest Relations Are Between Parents And Children Because There Is Give And Take

Igor Valuk
November 29, 2009
Sunday Service

Here you can find an expert from Cheon Seong Gyeong which we have read at the beginning and after that there's the main sermon. The importance of ideal marriage (Cheon Seong Gyeong, pp. 1291-1294)

Man is a being with God’s masculine form, and woman is a being with God’s feminine form. A husband and wife are like the universe wrapped up in a wrapping cloth. Therefore, a husband and wife can feel the heart of God’s ideal love. (13-67, 1963.10.17)

If a husband and wife love each other so much that their love is about to explode on the basis of a heart that loves God and humanity, God and the universe will be intoxicated through that family. The love they share cannot be anything else but the love for God and humanity. Where is the root of that love? That root cannot be found within oneself. It is the origin of God’s love and the love of humanity. (35-240, 1970.10.19)

If you are married, you no long just exist in a horizontal plane. Although you only have a horizontal foundation, the vertical concept comes into being when high connects to low. A horizontal history might bring order to the universe but not to the cosmos.

Only when the vertical meets with the horizontal and forms a right angle, can all sides fit together: You can replace heaven with the earth, or the earth with heaven, or front with back, or back with front, or between any correlative aspects -- left, right, top, bottom, front, back. Te perfected standard on earth leads to total perfection in the spirit world. (230-259, 1992.5.8)

The wedding ceremony of perfected Adam and Eve is the wedding ceremony of God. That is how the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and the Kingdom of Heaven in spirit world come into existence simultaneously. It starts from the love nest. The moment the sexual organs of man and woman come together without the Fall is the starting point of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in spirit world. That is also the base on which the Three Great Kingships should be established. A love nest cannot be built anywhere else except that place. (263-57, 1994.8.16)

By nature, human beings do not like to share their spouses’ love with others. The horizontal relationship of love between husband and wife is different from the vertical relationship of love between parents and children, in that once it is shared with others, it becomes ruined. This is because, by virtue of the principle of creation, it becomes necessary for husband and wife to form an absolute unity in love. Human beings have the responsibility to live for the sake of their spouses absolutely. (277-200, 1996.4.16)

For God, the sight of a man and woman receiving the Blessing and feeling joy by giving and receiving perfected love is like a flower blossoming on earth. Moreover, everything that occurs through their love is like the fragrance of flowers to God. God would then come to reside in such a family because He desires to live amidst such a beautiful fragrance. The place of ideal love between a husband and wife is the base on which God’s love can come automatically. That place will also become the point where all creation and the universe can come together in harmony. (Blessed Family - 889)

It is the desire of the world, humanity and the future history to form a family in which the love of God can blossom through three generations. You must realize that the love between husband and wife is such a precious and beautiful object that will appear as a new flower and have the fragrance of a new history in front of the laws of heaven and earth. (35-241, 1970.10.19)

The perfection of the love between man and woman is the perfection of the universe. The day that this love is broken is the day all order in the universe is destroyed and the world of vertical relationships is completely ruined. (Blessed Family - 545)

A husband and wife bound together through heartfelt love should form a family that demonstrates clearly that their love is one with God's purpose. To do this, they must go beyond their own spheres of life and even beyond their own lifetime. Otherwise, they cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven where God resides. (35-180, 1970.10.13)

Love is eternal. There cannot be two loves that are eternal, but only one. When a man and woman are bound together in love, they should live together in happy union while on earth, and even after death for eternity. Although they have two bodies, they are together in the spirit world, and become one completely. When two bodies become one, they form a circular motion with God, thereby establishing the four-position foundation of love; this is the ideal world. False love cannot invade this world; only true love can exist there. (Blessed Family - 897)

Human beings are always in need of stimulation. Happiness cannot be achieved without it. There must be some kind of stimulation. Just as the food you eat every day tastes different and refreshing if you eat it when you are hungry, the love between a husband and wife must also always feel refreshing. The more a husband and wife see each other, the more they should want to be with each other, even all day long. To this end, one must continue studying about True Parents and God. (23-57, 1969.5.11)

What sort of couple are an ideal husband and wife? They are the husband and wife who can become substantial manifestations of the best art and the best literature. Before they seek elsewhere for the highest ideals and culture, husband and wife should know that the sweetest and deepest love they share should become the supreme work of art in the world. The married life shared by these two should become the best work of literature and an embodiment of literature itself. (22-270, 1969.5.4)

The place where husband and wife share true love after getting married is the place of the palace. This is the origin of the love, life and lineage of God and humankind, and the starting point for the ideal of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in spirit world. Centering on true love, the children born of this love become the perfect union of husband and wife, form a family attending God, and become the origin of peace and the ideal. The man and woman, who only represent halves by themselves, unite into one and complete the ideal love of God as His object partners. (259-45, 1994.3.27)

The place where one gives birth is the position where one occupies the higher realm of God’s heart. By ascending to the creative position of God and loving one’s children, one can experience the inner heart of God and how much He loved humankind after creating them. (224-28, 1991.11.21)

Do you think God would look down on you when you are making love, or not? Would God, who is omnipotent and omnipresent, close His eyes during the night when the five billion people in the world are making love, or not? How would He feel as He looks down on you?

How many good wives and good husbands are there? Think about it. All sorts of things can be seen during the night. If a husband or wife does not want to make love to his or her spouse, but is forced into doing it, that is not how a person should live. What kind of love is that? Is that the way to live?

Imagine the whole world becoming like the Garden of Eden, according to the ideal of creation desired by God: filled with the fragrance of flowers, butterflies and bees flying around, heaven and earth living together in harmony, and God falling asleep, drunk on the world itself. How wonderful that would be! Have you ever thought about that? You should all try to live like that. (222-252, 1991.11.3)

Children are the outcome of achieving the ability to create, in the same position as God, by becoming one through the love between husband and wife. (52-319, 1972.2.3)

When there are not many brothers and sisters attending the service one can feel family atmosphere. When there were not many members in Belarus there was very warm-hearted atmosphere. But with the lapse of time more and more people came and someone started to feel problems in relations. One very warm-hearted brother even left the church because he had no longer felt former heartfelt atmosphere. Happily, after 10 years he met the Unification Movement again in America and received Blessing with sister from Japan, now they have 2 children.

We need to engage in give and take actions constantly. The closest relations are between parents and children because there are many give and take actions.

If we meet each other seldom feelings will pass. In order to open heart it's necessary to start give and take action. In the future the world is going to be like this. When we get acquainted with a person and initiate give and take action and then the other person opens his/her heart to you. In life when you want to express your heart you need an object-partner. And when you apply efforts you feel substantially that you invest in your object-partner.

When we meet with a person one time a week or a month we can't feel that we are close. But due to the understanding that all of us are the children of Heavenly Father we can be open for the relations. The most close relations are in the family. We project them onto the relations in society and in our community. There we are constantly engaged in give and take actions with our colleagues. These people are close to us as well.

Family is the center where we learn to love. And we should project unconditional love to the children onto the community. A leader of a company should stand in the father's position and should be a true leader. And then it doesn't matter what job I'm employed at in the team. If true love reigns in this community even a street cleaner will not feel resentment because of love. Everybody cannot be equal by his/her position. But everybody has the right to be loved. If we learn to give love to each other we will not worry about our position.

The society of careerists doesn't have the future because there's no love. It is built on force. There's only the desire for being boss. Such society doesn't bring the joy even to those who are high up on the social ladder.

The society which we seek is the society of true love. In the first place we should receive God's love. Father expect from us that we can learn to give love, to love our enemies and our leaders.

The world needs now to apply the concept of living for the sake of us.

How to stop terrorism? If there is the understanding of the goal of our life and heart it will be possible. Terrorism is the result of the false understanding of justice. There was one TV program about killing of the priests in Russia. The anchorperson told that faith in Russia is probably a formality. If there had been true faith such things would not have happened. These are the signs of godlessness in our society. But this is not only the problem of non-believers but also the problem of those who consider his faith to be the true one. This is the problem of arrogance. The cause of terrorism is arrogance. The cause of the fight against adherents of a different faith is arrogance. People consider that by killing them they reach God. The only way out of this situation is the new understanding of the significance of human and understanding of the eternal life in the spiritual world.

True Parents have realized the idea to love people unconditionally (True Father's meeting with Kim Il-sung). This idea can save the world. Korean nation differs from the western civilization. And God gives great blessings for this country. True Father wants Korean nation to show the example of true love.

This ideology should exist in our life as well. We should practice true love. This is what Father wants from us. We should live in the society and love it. But it is difficult to practice true love. When we look at our life and at relations in our families [today we have read fine words about family relations in Cheon Seong Gyeong but it is so difficult to make them come true] then we will understand that we should strive to be closer to true love. In the first place we as the most close people to True Parents should become such people then the world can change. Let us think that my own life is not only my own life but it is connected with our ancestors, with our community and country. We can become such a center which is going to change world. 

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