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Global Peace Festival Held in Ozamiz City, Philippines

Sharleen Tomobe
August 17, 2009
GPF Philippines

Following a sequence of Global Peace Festivals in over 10 cities in the Philippines since last year, yet another festival was held in the city of Ozamiz on July 15, 2009. The event was hosted by the local government of Ozamiz led by Hon. Mayor Ronaldo O. Parojinog, Sr., Department of Tourism, Department of Education Region 10, Universal Peace Federation and Bagong Ozamiznon. A crowd estimated around 4,000 gathered in the plaza in front of the historical Fort Santiago.

The Global Peace Festival Ozamiz became a part of a- week- long festivity in celebration of the Feast of Nuestra Señora del Triunfo which also coincided with the Charter Anniversary of the city. Citizens and visitors enjoyed to experience the rich cultural heritage of the first settlers of the place, the "Subanons" (derived from the word 'suba' or river - were known as the river people).

During the festival, Subanon Street Dancing Competition was held with 12 troupes representing their schools. Each danced wearing very colorful costumes depicting the lifestyles of the Subanons.

The crowd also enjoyed performances by famous pop artists, Kris Lawrence, back to back with Justin Kim from USA who rendered his original song compositions. 

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