The Words of the Tanino Family

True Parents' liberation Movement

Mako Tanino
January 2011

Left: Relatives of the men elevated through the Seunghwa Ceremony in Grenada: Maurice Bishop's nephew, Fitzroy Bain's mother, Norris Bain's wife; Right: Mako and her mother are on the left; Deepak and Setsuko are on the right in front of the tall man.

Recently I went witnessing overseas for the first time, in Grenada with my mother. Grenada is a small island with a hot climate and 1 population of about 100,000 people, where the national leader Rev. Deepak Devkota (from Nepal), his wife Setsuko and their two sons have been developing activities despite going through various hardships.

On November 2, we held a Seunghwa (ascension) Festival for three victims of the 1983 coup in Grenada; that is, for then prime minister Mr. Maurice Bishop, for cabinet minister Mr. Norris Bain, and for the president of the Agricultural and General Workers Union at the time, Mr. Fitzroy Bain) The families of the three men also took part in a Holy Wine Ceremony. I felt that the Seunghwa Festival was guided by the spirit world.

Just a week earlier the principal of the school that Rev. Devkota's sons are attending came to our Peace Embassy. It was twenty-seven years to the day that the 1983 coup d'etat ended. The principal told us that her husband was a cousin of Maurice Bishop. It was this that gave us the idea to hold a Seunghwa Festival.

Soon after the Seunghwa Festival, Norris Bain's wife had a dream in which her husband told her, "Don't worry about me."

A month later, I travelled from Japan to the Chung Pyung training center to carry out the liberation of these three men, because I felt that it was my responsibility to help them receive the blessing.

On the Saturday night of that two-day workshop, December 4, I had a dream, in which Rev. Devkota, Setsuko and I were standing on the top of a high mountain; the air was clear and the grass was green. Seeing the beautiful mountains and also the sea from above, I felt intuitively that it was Grenada.

On the mountaintop, we found a house, out of which a black man came; his hands were spread apart in welcome and he was smiling. He seemed very pleased to see us, saying repeatedly, "How long I have waited for this moment! I am so pleased to see you. Thank you for coming." He smiled again and said, "I have waited so long but I did not expect that such a small girl would come!" He added, "I have a wife and children, but they are not here yet; but I can introduce you to my relatives who are in the next room." We then exchanged greetings with the relatives.

Actually, when I began the spiritual liberation work in Chung Pyung I hadn't known much about the families of the three victims; but I later learned that the man in my dream was Mr. Norris Bain, who was among the three. I cannot forget how joyful he was. I feel this was because he had been freed from his suffering.

Having heard about my dream, Rev. Devkota, in Grenada, telephoned Mrs. Bain, who was so pleased to hear about this. She said she also believes in the existence of spirit world and mentioned the dream she had had of her departed husband.

After returning to Japan, I looked at a photograph of Mr. Norris Bain; from his face, I realized he is certainly the man I had seen in my dream. This confirmed to me that what happened in the dream was real.

Mako Tanino's mother was one of the missionaries True Father assigned to Grenada in 1996. 

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