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My Reflection On 2011 Winter Great Works In Niigata An Encounter With Dae Mo Nim

Janet Salazar-Tadenuma
February 28, 2011

How I wished I could attend Dae Mo Nim's Event in Niigata but unfortunately, our Area Leader, Hashimoto-san, said that there are only 13 members from Nakano Church that can attend the Niigata Event. Later, I've heard from my husband that there is no more "Wish Fulfillment Paper available which means, "no chance" to go to Niigata. I quickly went to the prayer room and said "Sorry" to True Parents. I was not able to attend Dae Mo Nim's Event in Nagano last November, then again, I can't attend this time. I cried and prayed to True Parents; "If It Is Your Will For Me Not To Attend, Then I Can't, But If It's Your Will For Me To Attend, Then I Can Attend, No Matter What…"

The next day, Feb. 16, I was in great surprise. My husband brought home 2 Wish Fulfillment Papers. He said, "There still remained 2 Wish Papers in the church so I quickly took it for our whole family to go to Niigata." "I thought there's no more Wish Paper available?", I asked. He answered, "I don't know". Again I asked; "Do you have money?" He answered; "No money but I'll try to borrow from someone."

Next problem was the car. Our car was too small for us to travel to a long distance. We have 4 children and it takes 3 hrs to get there. Finally, we were able to rent a big car. Again, another problem was that we don't have e-card for the Expressway so we can't follow our leader's car which could have been our guide in going to Niigata. Our leader suggested that we take another route and find a way how to get there on time. My husband was in great panic because it's his first time to go to Niigata. I kept on praying, "God, please help my husband to stay focused and determine not to give up. He must stay strong and keep calm." I requested him to play In Jin Nim's CD. As we listened to In Jin Nim's beautiful songs, I felt comforted and our children quickly fell asleep as my husband drove the car.

It was really In Jin Nim who inspired us to keep going and we reached Niigata safely and on time. Thanks for In Jin Nim's spiritual help.

Upon arrival at the lobby, I heard the members singing the Japanese version of the holy song, "Grace of the Holy Garden". It was "ansu" session. We were immediately guided to the monitor room. After Rev. Song's speech, we had 15-min break and so I immediately went back to the car to get our lunch boxes. There was a long bench at the lobby and I asked my husband if we can eat there. "Maybe, okey", he said. So I quickly put all the lunch boxes on the bench. I was so busy giving food to my children as they were complaining of hunger. My husband decided not to eat and quickly went back to the monitor room. He thought, Dae Mo Nim would be speaking soon. He never want to miss it.

My eldest son, Ryuji, kept on telling me, "Mom, hurry up. It's starting now…". I told the same thing to the younger ones but they didn't seem to listen, they just ate slowly.

Suddenly, a warm loving voice came from my back; "Nani Tsukutta No?" I turned back and I was shocked and surprised! I saw True Mother's face (in Dae Mo Nim / Hoon Mo Nim's personality) just in front of me, "so beautiful, so brilliant, white and shining, sweet smile". She wore an elegant red suit.

She looked at our food and said "mmm…mmm…" then turned to Oji, my second son; "Kite Kurete, Yokatta Ne?" then to Junka, my youngest child, "Arigatou." Again, she looked at me smiling. Her staff smiled too. I offered a slight bow, then they proceeded to the main hall.

Toshi, my third son, told me, "Mommy, she's the one who said to me "Dame" (crossing her hands) when I was running and wanted to enter her room. Mom, is she the True Mother?". I said, "NO, she's the mother of True Mother." Toshi seemed confused and mumbled, "Mother of True Mother???". Thanks, he stopped questioning me and started running again. Sometimes, it's difficult to answer a blessed child's question.

Upon seeing Dae Mo Nim/ Hoon Mo Nim, I had no words to say. I felt shocked and felt the warm love from Dae Mo Nim and True Mother. I can't express how happy I was, upon watching her talk to me and to my children.

I feel I'm part of God's big family, that I'm not socially isolated, that I'm not another person living in another country, a person who can't understand Japanese and Korean language.

Through Dae Mo Nim's love, I felt no boundaries. Her love transcends everything. She loves all the members without thinking who we are.

Who am I? Just ordinary Philippine member of the Unification Church with nothing to be proud of? Thanks to Dae Mo Nim for letting me feel her warm love for all of us.

I can not forget that moment, that Friday, Feb. 18, 2011 in Niigata, Japan where I met Dae Mo Nim and True Mother (in spirit) unexpectedly. I really treasure that moment and would remain in my heart forever, Aju!

Janet Salazar-Tadenuma - 360,000-Couple Blessing (Phil-Jpn Couple) Nakano Church, Northern Nagano, Japan 

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