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Mark Spowage: Father Comforted God by Trusting Blessed Spouses, Even More!

Shahram Sedehi
October 23, 2012

This writing is based on a revelation given to my elder brother Mark Spowage. My writing might not reflect totally his sense of it.

In Jin Moon -- August 5, 2012

We have seen great tragedies in the marriages of True Children, and we have wondered why?!

Usually, we all want to protect our children from situations where our children or even ourselves could fall. We try to avoid relationships that have the greater risk of breakdown, due to incompatibilities or seeming lack of qualifications of the other.

So we try to match our children with someone who maybe the least challenging to get along with. Or we blame our own fall or near fall, due to the incompatibility with someone else.

Yet, the path of restoration that True Father threaded, has been just the opposite! He always tried to comfort God; and, God took the biggest risk of all in setting up Adam and Eve in the Garden: God created not just 50 degree, but 180 degree "fork in the road", for His children in the Garden. Except the initial warning about the "eating of the fruit", God did not take any other action to protect His children from the fall.

God did not send His Children to "Compatibility for Marriage Partner" workshops! He did not ask them to read "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus"! He did not put padlocks on their children sexual organs!

True Father, as he comforted God, realized, that God had been deeply hurt as a parent; He has been accused for thousands of years by His children for not protecting their original ancestor from the fall.

Thus, True Father realized the only way to comfort God was to take even greater risks with Blessed couples. He decided to match couples that were least compatible, starting with his own physical children, the True Children's Blessed partners: We have seen great tragedies in the marriages of True Children, and we have wondered why?!

It is as if True Father has been comforting God, saying, "Heavenly Father, your absolute trust in the original ancestors, Your son and daughter, was not a mistake, and You have been wrongly accused...I will put all Blessed couples in even greater risks of the fall, and will trust them even more...and in the end just like You, I will take responsibility for both their victory and defeat..!" 

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