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Unification Village anyone?

Mark Spowage
January 13, 2011

While disasters cover the globe North Korea waits on the Lord.

Surely N. Korea would allow the development of a "Unification Village" that simply seeks to live according to the AGE OF HEAVEN. What? would such a village do?

1. Would pilgrims visit from all over the world?

2. Would residential projects emerge, housing/schools?

3. Would farms and factories be constructed to produce grocery products?

4. Would Unification Church members world wide provide any financial support?

Why would N. Korea deny a plan to show the potential for HEAVEN on earth in the area of True Parents home town?

Heaven has no sympathy for WALL STREET? The WILL seeks a place for UNIFICATIONISTS to pioneer the MODEL PEACE COMMUNITY where communism and capitalism resolve.

Universities abound world wide yet the world is LOST in space. Where will the pilgrims of HEAVEN settle?

The question is then WHO WILL GO? WHO will attend to the WILL? 

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