The Words of the Spowage Family

The Birth Right of Heaven revealed

Mark Spowage
January 2, 2011

What gifts are on the altar , offered thru the victory of True Parents ?

Adam and Eve were to realize the birth right of an eternal spouse, and then that of the 1st true tribe. Today science fiction writers imagine a 'seed' of humanity being planted on a distant planet. However in this false world destined to die a 'seed' can be planted to become a true tribe. Upon the foundation of True Parents, the children can invest the blessing of True Parents to unfold a true tribe. World wide nations struggle and suffer in this world of death even though the bounty of creation surrounds them.

America with all its wealth and knowledge and power cannot escape the suffocation of drugs and sexual sin. Can the seed of a true tribe be planted?

Just as future voyageurs of the universe will bring 'an eco system' from earth to grow a tribe, some 'business' model, perhaps agriculture or fishing can be replicated.

Businesses all exist today within the context of the global business economy, however it may now be possible to realize a social model that embraces the 'ideals' of living for the sake of others, living for the sake of HEAVEN the new 'nationalism', 'heavenism' if you will. Businesses and empires of businesses come and go as the global business economy advances and the providence of Heaven unfolds.

Many nations like America 'throw' aid $ at the problems of humanity hoping for a good result.

However the unintended world must die, it only exists for the seeds of truth to be planted and cultivated.

Many people are eager to work, take employment, if a business community is established with the goal of establishing an outpost in the universe, as a true tribe, the world will line up to work in such an enterprise. Socialism seeks to leverage the 'unity' of purpose to build a living environment, however 'Heaven' seeks the establishment of a living true tribe.

The hope of God was for angels to open the door way for A/E to enter into paradise.

We can now entertain that hope and provide satisfaction to the heart of Heaven in search of a lost dream! 

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