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The Healing Power of the Mind -- Part 3 of 3 -- The Ultimate Weapon

Joseph Sheftick
July 1985

This is the third and last part of Dr. Joseph Sheftick's series on the power of the mind. In the first two parts, which appeared in the March and April issues of Today's World, Dr. Sheftick explored the areas of how the power of the mind influences a person's health and how the power of imaging relates to the healing process.

In this final segment, the author describes the potential destructive uses of mental energy being researched in the Soviet Union, and what scientists in the West need to focus on now in order to combat evil and transform society.

At a time when the world lives in fear of nuclear war and the superpowers seek to enlarge their arsenals with new technologies, the search for non-nuclear weapons has led to research in psychotronics, a new science that deals with psychic powers such as telepathy, clairvoyance, and psychokinesis, and to the application of these powers for military purposes.

At the end of World War II, Joseph Stalin knew that the United States would demobilize most of its armed forces. The United States alone, however, had the atomic bomb, so Stalin knew that Soviet domination of the world would not be possible at that time. While the Soviets began their massive spying efforts to obtain nuclear secrets, Stalin became aware of an individual named Wolf Messing, a psychic performer who was traveling in the Soviet Union. Messing was called to Moscow and asked to perform several tests: to obtain thousands of rubles from a bank teller by handing her a blank piece of paper, and to enter Stalin's heavily guarded dacha. Messing accomplished both by using the power of mental projection. This was only the beginning. Dr. Philip Berg, head of the Research Center for the Kaballah in New York, received reports during the 1970s from Jewish physicists who fled the Soviet Union that Soviet scientists are researching extrasensory perception (ESP) and psychokinesis far more seriously than are their counterparts in the West.

Growing Use of Telepathy

On March 20, 1970, a heart was stopped in a Soviet research laboratory. It was the heart of a frog, stopped by the mental suggestion coming from a gifted telepath. The successful killing of the frog coincided with a series of breakthroughs in secret soviet investigations into the paranormal.

The leaders of the Soviet Union realized with awe that mental energy could be tapped and that the nation which could harness mental and psychic energy could also control the world. The KGB was therefore assigned to oversee the development of a vast arsenal of exotic weapons.

Psychic research has also been going on in the United States. In April 1984 an article appeared in the New York Post which claimed:

U.S. intelligence agencies won't talk about it, but they are rushing to catch up with the USSR in what one scientist calls the race for 'inner space.' The CIA is now seriously pondering the possibility of raising 'psychic shields' to keep Soviet clairvoyants away from our secrets.

The CIA's latest 'remote-viewing' (clairvoyance) project was code-named 'Grill Flame,' and was carried out in part by two respected academics. They gave a psychic the latitude and longitude of a remote location [in the Soviet Union] and told him to project his mind there and describe the scene. He described an airfield complete with details including a large gantry and crane at one end of the field. The CIA was impressed but skeptical. There was indeed an airfield at the map coordinates the psychic had been given. The site was the Soviets' ultra-secret nuclear testing area at Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan, but there was no [known] gantry or crane there. So the CIA waited for the next set of photos and sure enough, there were the gantry and crane, just as the psychic had described them. No one in the U.S. intelligence agencies had known the equipment was there, so the information couldn't have been leaked to him.

An article in the January 1984 issue of Time magazine reported:

On the third Tuesday of every month in the fall and winter of 1980, a bizarre rendezvous allegedly took place in Washington, D.C. A Navy officer in plain civilian clothes carried a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist into the parlor of 'Madame Zodiac,' psychic and palm reader. By looking at top secret photographs and charts the clairvoyant attempted to predict the movements of Soviet submarines off the East Coast.

Mental Energy as a Weapon

The science of psychotronics recognizes that matter, energy, and consciousness are all interconnected; and it has contributed to a new understanding of the energy- related capabilities of human beings and of life processes and matter in general. Psychotronics is also concerned with the projection of mental energy either by an individual or a group using mental control or by using energy-emitting devices. It seems to be possible, with certain devices, to store, multiply, and magnify mental energy and then use it as a weapon. The Soviet Union and other Warsaw Pact nations are making significant progress in this area. Of course, psychotronics can be used for good purposes as well.

A paper entitled "The New Mental Battlefield," by Lt. Col. John B. Alexander, Ph.D., surveyed the military potential of psychotronics. He stated that the possibility of using psychotronics as weaponry has already been explored. Specifically, he wrote, "What we are discussing are weapons systems that operate on the power of the mind and whose capacity for lethality has already been demonstrated." Alexander suggests that psychotronics has such destructive potential that "certainly with development, the use of it will be able to induce illness or death at little or no risk to the operator."

It is clear that the weapons employed by those who would dominate the world have progressed from sticks and stones to bows and arrows, to guns and cannons, to modern atomic weapons operated by sophisticated electronic equipment, and now to the next level -- the power of the human mind and energies that exist in worlds and dimensions both seen and unseen.

What mystics and masters have taught for centuries is now being rediscovered by quantum physicists, the "mystics" of the modern age; and that is that human beings are multi-dimensional, and so is their environment. The new physics has recognized that consciousness indeed plays an important role in the workings of the universe. The outcome of any particular scientific experiment no longer seems to depend only on the laws of the physical world, but also on the consciousness of the observer, who has now become the participator. It has also been postulated in the new physics that there are regions or dimensions which do not exist in either time or space, and that portions of consciousness affect not only matter and space, but also time.

Harnessing the Highest Truth

Despite the massive research, one aspect of existence that still needs to be recognized by the new physics is the existence of a source, or original center, of existence -- God. The Creator conceived the cosmos and humankind according to a paradigm which modern physicists need to comprehend. Modern science also has to incorporate into its cosmology the existence of spiritual beings -- both those who did and those who did not at one time have a physical body.

Today, as the awareness and understanding of the principles of creation increase, humankind will be capable of regaining proper dominion over mind and body. The separation between humanity and God, which occurred through human misuse of the highest and most powerful form of energy love -- distorted inherent human energy patterns in the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical dimensions. To use a contemporary metaphor, Man's original "programming" was distorted, and people created and manifested a perverted paradigm of themselves. This has been expanded to the family, tribe, nation, world, and cosmos.

The distorted energies of evil, and people who would use these energies for domination, can only affect those who have a similar pattern of distortion. To avoid such adverse effects a person must be able to transform and transmute the energies within himself or herself on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual planes.

Self-centered anger, resentment, rebelliousness, virulent jealousy, and the desire to dominate others for one's own purposes are nothing more than corrupted energies. The healing and restoration of these energies begins of necessity on the individual level. These have to be purified and transmuted by each of us; most importantly, we must cut the root of the original source of these perverted energies. Only then will good triumph over evil on every plane of existence.

The ultimate "weapon" against evil is true love, as this is the highest and most powerful energy in the creation. Every one of us needs to become a master of true love. It is love that will transfigure human consciousness and the manifestations of such discordant energies as hatred, jealousy, and resentment, which form the base for many social injustices. True love will mobilize the spiritual world to assist in God's program of restoration. It is true love alone that will provide the motivation to utilize the energies of the creation for good rather than evil. The power of true love will be the bond that will unite humankind into one family, with God and True Parents at the center. Finally, it is love that will give birth to a new world of harmony, peace, and prosperity for all. 

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