The Words of the Sheftick Family

Dr. Joseph Sheftick + True Father = Lunch

David Hill
October 17, 2012

Many years ago, one of my responsibilities was to record the audio of all of True Father's sermons, including state leader conferences.

On one such occasion Father was scolding the IOWC and state leaders. Joseph Sheftick was sitting near the front of the room. Everyone looked serious, but not Dr. Sheftick. He had a beaming persistent smile. Eventually, it caught father's attention. Father called out, "Joseph!" "This is serious!" Why do you sit there grinning?"

Dr. Sheftick replied, "I'm smiling because I am in the room with you, Father."

At that, Father just laughed and said, "There is nothing more I can say."

My recollection is that after much laughter, Father said we should break for lunch. 

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