The Words of the Saki Family

Kidnapping Was Never OK In Japan

Ethel Saki
June 14, 2010


The kidnapping was never OK for us Unification Church members here in Japan. It's just that the persecution was so intense here that we couldn't move a bit and do something about it except to cry and pray.

I personally know of a sister who was kidnapped and was traumatized by it. Until now she could not mentally function well and this hindered her from getting a proper job and receiving the blessing. It's so painful to see her and I am sure Japanese brothers and sisters felt the same.

I think this is also one of the reasons that drove them to work hard and sacrifice a lot. They believed that restoring this nation back to God and True Parents as soon as possible will also resolve the kidnapping and all other problems.

Anyway, thanks to Kook Jin Nim and In Jin Nim, now this problem is also out internationally and our Japanese brothers and sisters are also doing something. They're pushing the government and letting the public know about this heinous act of some groups against the Unification Church.

Leaflets containing kidnapped brothers and sisters especially Mr. Goto's story have been distributed. I don't how things are moving on now but hope soon justice will prevail. Please include Japan in your prayers. Thanks.


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