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Rally in Suriname about Preventing Domestic Crimes

Denny R. Ristie
November 2, 2013

Paramaribo, Suriname -- "How can perpetrators or potential perpetrator of domestic crimes be helped not to engage in such behavior?" was the theme of a Nov. 2, 2013 rally at Ons Huis in Paramaribo.

Four speakers addressed the inter-religious, multicultural, and multi-ethnic forum:

Mr. Quinsny Abelenti a representative of the Baha'i Faith, explained very clear that to stop domestic crime requires education and helpful media programs.

Mr. Harold Pultoo, a representative of the VHP political party and pastor of a Full Gospel church, called for people to work together with UPF-Suriname and start a campaign to help families prevent crimes.

Mr. Alex Yaka Umo, a spiritual teacher and entrepreneur, said the key is to work to change one's character and discipline one's mind.

Mr. Ramon de Freitas, a retired chief prosecutor for the state, explained that crime starts early between girls and boys at home. Domestic violence is not simple to resolve, he said, and most of the time it is caused by jealousy on the part of the husband or wife.

Mr. Alex Yaka Umo and Mr. Harold Pultoo were happy to be appointed Ambassadors for Peace.

These presentations were followed by entertainment and a public discussion about what could be done further to address the issue. The evening ended with refreshments.

Note: Violence against women had long been ignored as a societal problem in Suriname, where, as elsewhere, domestic violence had typically been considered a private matter. There is increasing recognition of the need to address issues of domestic violence with the UN General Assembly's designation in 1999 of November 25 as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. 

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